More Sanctions on Iran from the War President

After our fantastic, multi-billion dollar election show that had the world transfixed/disgusted for two frigging years, the beat immediately goes on with Iran and the U.S. regime.   The sanctions that have been placed on Iran are an Act of War and are hurting the normal citizens of Iran.  The sanctions are causing suffering.  They are killing people, estimates are that up to 6 million Iranians are suffering and dying from a lack of necessary cancer and other medications.   That’s the purpose, hurt the people so they get restless and fight against their government and demand they give in to the demands of the Empire.  The sanctions the Democratic Party President William Jefferson Clinton with his sidekick Secretary of State Madeleine “We think it was worth it” Albright placed on Iraq in the nineties are estimated to have caused the deaths of half a million Iraqi children alone.  Then the United States of Empire illegally attacked Iraq, killed a million more and counting, created five million refugees, and sentenced generations to mutant babies and unimaginable poverty and fear.    

11/08/12  -  Obama administration places new sanctions on Iran

The Obama administration announced it has sanctioned four individuals and five entities for censorship, including jamming satellite broadcasts and blocking Internet access. 

The State Department is telling us that Iran is abusing its own citizens so they must be punished by the United States of Freedom for All America.  Forget about Iran supposedly developing nuclear weapons and that country being part of the Axis of Evil, now our government is going after Iran for how they treat their own people.  The hypocrisy is astounding when you consider the United States of Humanitarianism doesn’t sanction Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and other countries that treat their citizens, or sub-citizens as in Israel’s case, much worse.    The country that kills millions of people by waging wars for profit and power, has the largest prison population in the world and laws against liberty that make a mockery of its founding ideals is represented by fools and sociopaths.      

  “These actions underscore the administration’s ongoing commitment to hold Iranian government officials and entities responsible for the abuses carried out against their own citizens,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.

“With the measures we are taking today, we draw the world’s attention to the scope of the regime’s insidious actions, which oppress its own people and violate Iran’s own laws and international obligations,” she said.

Here’s Neocon/Zionist Dennis Ross, he who has been calling for measured steps to be taken against Iran, a checklist if you will, before we bomb the shit out of the country.  He has literally been saying the same thing for years.

“We will see some kind of significant diplomatic initiative by the president, by the Obama administration, on the nuclear issue with the Iranians,” Ross said during an event Thursday at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where he is now a counselor – exploring the implications of Obama’s reelection for US Middle East Policy.  No president is going to end up using force without having demonstrated unmistakably to the world and the American public that he’s exhausted all the possibilities for diplomatic negotiations,” Ross said.

He should know, he and his fellow PNACers documented that process years ago and Obama appears to be following it faithfully so far.

Some in Iran appear to be not taking kindly to our President’s continued deployment of Empire edicts.

“After all this pressure and crimes against the people of Iran, relations with America cannot be possible overnight and Americans should not think they can hold our nation ransom by coming to the negotiating table,” Sadeq Larijani, head of the Iranian judiciary, was quoted as saying by IRNA news agency.

“Four years ago, Obama... announced he would extend the hand of cooperation to Iran,” he said. “But he pursued a different path and imposed unprecedented sanctions and it is natural the Iranian people will never forget such crimes.”

Oh ya, I remember that.  When Obama was trying to get elected in 2008 and he said a lot of stuff that he apparently changed his mind about after he got elected.  Imagine that.   McCain would have been different how?

06/02/2008 - McCain criticizes Obama, proposes Iranian sanctions at AIPAC

“He offered what has become a standard attack on Sen. Obama, D-Il., for what McCain calls a willingness to sit down with Iranian leaders unconditionally, a proposal from which Obama has backed away.

McCain said that instead of sitting down to talk with Iran, “we must create the real-world pressures that will peacefully but decisively change the path they are on.”

To that end, the presumptive Republican nominee proposed ramping up sanctions against the regime in Tehran, including financial sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran, which McCain said aids in Iranian terrorism proliferation. He also proposed sanctions on Iran’s ability to import refined petroleum.

He also criticized Obama for voting against a Congressional resolution to declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.”

07/09/2008  -  Barack Obama calls for tougher Iran sanctions after missile tests. 

“The US Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, called for tighter sanctions on Iran today after it fired nine test missiles that were capable of hitting American and Israeli bases.

"Iran is a great threat. We have to make sure we are working with our allies to apply tightened pressure on Iran," the Illinois senator said.

03/13/09  -  Obama Renews Iran Sanctions; Ahmadinejad Calls Them "Childish"  

“Speaking to Congress Thursday, President Obama announced renewed U.S. sanctions on Iran, thus adhering to a precedent that began in 1995.   Although the Obama administration is reviewing its policy towards Iran, not extending the sanctions would have constituted a major break with the past.”

02/10/2010 -  Obama Administration Slaps New Sanctions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

"The Obama administration Wednesday slapped new sanctions on Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The Treasury Department banned US transactions with four companies and an individual affiliated with the Revolutionary Guard, as well as freezing any assets under US control."

07/01/2010  -  Obama Signs Into Law Tighter Sanctions on Iran

“President Obama on Thursday signed into law new unilateral American sanctions on Iran that go beyond the penalties imposed by the United Nations last month as he tries to escalate the pressure on Tehran to halt its nuclear enrichment program.

The new law, passed by Congress on overwhelmingly bipartisan votes last week, tries to further restrict investment in Iran’s energy sector and cut off financing for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps that oversees nuclear and missile programs. It also cracks down on federal contractors that do business with Iran.

“With these sanctions, along with others, we are striking at the heart of the Iranian government’s ability to fund and develop its nuclear program,” Mr. Obama said at a bill-signing ceremony in the East Room. “We’re showing the Iranian government that its actions have consequences. And if it persists, the pressure will continue to mount, and its isolation will continue to deepen.”

12/31/2011  -  Obama signs Iran sanctions bill into law Iran insists its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only

“US President Barack Obama has signed into law a major defence bill including tough new sanctions against Iran.

The law cuts off from the US financial system foreign firms that do business with Iran's central bank.

But Mr Obama stressed that he had concerns about parts of the legislation dealing with the handling of foreign terror suspects.

"The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it," Mr Obama said.

In recent weeks the US has introduced sanctions against Iran's financial sector, although it has stopped short of targeting the central bank outright.”

02/07/2012  -  US hits Iran with new sanctions.   US tightens sanctions on Iranian government and central bank, but Tehran dismisses measures as "psychological warfare". 

“US President Barack Obama has tightened sanctions on Iran, including its central bank, seeking to increase pressure on the country's economy as a nuclear showdown intensifies.

 Obama signed an executive order on Sunday that implements parts of a new sanctions regime passed by Congress late last year, allowing US institutions to freeze all property and interests of the Iranian government.”

08/01/2012 - Obama announces new Iran sanctions.  Executive order used to unveil measures meant to force Islamic republic to meet its international nuclear obligations.   

“Barack Obama has announced new US sanctions against foreign banks that help Iran sell its oil, saying the new measures will raise pressure on the Islamic Republic to meet its international nuclear obligations.

The new penalties by the US president were announced on Tuesday and would target China's Bank of Kunlun and Iraq's Elaf Islamic Bank.

In a statement, Obama said the sanctions made clear that the US would expose any financial institution that assists "the increasingly desperate Iranian regime" to access the international financial system."




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This latest sanctions are interesting because of

Big Al's picture

the rationale for it, i.e., that the Iranian government is "insidiously" oppressing it's own people. I don't know, could be just another thing, or could be setting the stage.    

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Wow - more sanctions - what a surprise

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The lesser of two evils in action, and so quickly.

We have here one of the same tactics we used against the Iraqi people, resulting in the deaths of a million or so. Did they rise up and blame their own government? No, they were not stupid.

The Iranians are not stupid. They know very well who is bringing them this misery. The reactions of the victims in Iran will be similar to the reactions of people who have been the victims of bombing and drone strikes. It strengthens their resolve to resist.

Regime change in Iran is still a goal of the powers that be and delegated to the neocons and neolibs to implement. As Brookings states in their report "Which Path to Persia" Iran undermines US interests in the region.

That's a major no-no, especially for a resource rich country such as Iran. We must do all we can to make sure their resources stay in the ground as they will be needed down the road to keep the Petro-Dollar alive. Saudi oil fields brought on line during the late 50's and early 60's will be nearing the end of their ability to produce within about another decade.

Power lust and greed, more of the same. Be wary of unintended consequences.

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More information - The Real News

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An interview with Vijay Prashad discussing the re-election of Obama, the doctrine of drone strikes and the belligerent US policy towards Iran. This part of the discussion starts around 6:30 into the video. The most revealing portion is near the very end, all parties recognizing that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program yet the economic war continues.

Any fool can see that regime change is the goal and the nuclear ambition threat is just pure bull feathers. I suppose the establishment media will continue with the hype in order to help sell the public on the need for some future intervention aimed at regime change.

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Very well done.

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As the diary shows, everything Obama has done re: sanctions on Iran was proposed by McCain in 2008.  Just another example of Obama taking a Republican idea and making it his own, while somehow convincing his worship brigade over at the Kult of Kos and elsewhere that its a Democratic idea.  Other Republican ideas he's made his own:

Health Care - he took Mitt Romney's Massachussetts plan (RomneyCare) and made it his own on a national level (ObamaCare).

Military Policy - (1)he took the surge strategy of George W. Bush and applied it to Afghanistan.  (2)He not only adopted the Bush drone policy, he greatly expanded it both in scope and in relaxed rules of engagement.  (3)He made a public show of banning torture and ordering certain black sites closed, while maintaining others and opening new ones in Afghanistan and North Africa.  (4)Resumed terror tribunals, the idea of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush intended to keep terror suspects out of Federal Courts, where the torture used on them would result in dismissal of charges, freedom, and severe lawsuits.

Patriot Act - a fascist Republican policy embraced by Obama from inauguration day.  Its re-authorization was fought for by his administration.

Wiretapping - he opposed it as a candidate, embraced it as President.

National Security - uses the "national security" argument in various courts in order to block valid cases from even being heard, a tactic perfected by the Bush Administration.

Strategic leaks, whistelblower prosecution, insistence on "reforming" social security...if it was a Republican idea or policy, Obama seems to be all for it.  Yet we're supposed to believe this man is a progressive hero?  He's a moderate Republican war criminal who should be stripped of his Peace Prize and thrown into the dock at the Hague, if there was any justice in this world.

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And by the way...

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Great diary, recc'd.  I wish we had the "hotlist" functionality here so that I could easily bookmark this without adding it to my hundreds of browser bookmarks.  I'll just have to make a new bookmark folder for "VOTS Hotlist"...guess that'll work.

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Yes, yes, we do have that capability. I totally forgot about it

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Directly under the main article/post/essay right under the share options, you can click on "Bookmark this."

To locate it later, in the upper right-hand column, click on "My Bookmarks" right underneath "My Account," and you'll find the link(s) there that you bookmarked.

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I hadn't even seen that.

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