Hope it doesn't break 'em

Capital One Financial agreed to pay $210 million to resolve charges by U.S. banking regulators that its call-center representatives misled consumers into paying for extra credit card products.

Consumer watchdog's first fine goes to Capital One for $210M

All that money I bet they are hurting,

The regulators alleged that employees at call centers used by Capital One pressured and misled consumers into paying for "add-on products" such as payment protection and credit monitoring when they activated their credit cards.

In a statement, the president of Capital One's credit card business, Ryan Schneider, apologized to customers who were affected and said the bank is committed to "making it right."

I got nothing.



The Socialist Garden

The anti-war poet and soldier Siegfried Sassoon reports that toward the end of World War I, Winston Churchill told him that war is the normal occupation of man.

Rebecca Solnit - Revolutionary Plots

I'm not sure how many are familiar with Rebecca Solnit's work but she is a must read when it comes to the intersection of environment and politics.

Can it be the antithesis of war, or a cure for social ills, or an act of healing the divisions of the world? When you tend your tomatoes, are you producing more than tomatoes? How much more? Is peace a crop, or justice?

This lady paints a picture like no other look down there for just a few snippets.



Weaving Reality IV: Looking back at the present

The WeaveMothers agreed with a request to vibrate a string. They were whole as well as individual.

Maybe the unit would understand.

_ # ^ & _ # ^ & _ # ^ & _

Imagine a future. In my future, you would choose a good one, one good for coexistence on this planet as long as we all have to live here.



Don't Quote Me/Wednesday Morning Open Thread

Eight years was awsome and I was famous and I was powerful.~George W. Bush

In Isreal it's like hunting gefilte fish in a barrel.~Ari Fleischer

End of quote.~Mitt Romney

Let me be perfectly frank. This is one of my favorite traditions. I relish it so much...who wrote this s#!t.~NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg

I had a beer in Amherst, at Ziggy's, so I'm feeling good, feeling steady.~President Obama


And one of my favorites...

The thing about quotes on the internet you never know if they are true.~Abraham Lincoln

Musics down there



Favorite Songs: Communication Edition

Also available in Orange...

Howdy howdy howdy everybody! Welcome to Favorite Songs at Voices on the Square! Yessir, it's Tuesday evening so you know what time it is! Yes, thank gawd - it's time to leave all the bad news and politics behind and escape into our favorite tunes instead!

Well, there's been all kind of chatter this week, so...



The Cherry-Pick Mitt Romney Movement Marches Onward!!

(also published at FDL)

This is, of course, about the Cherry-Pick Mitt Romney Movement, the movement that thinks so much of its liberatory potential for the fact that it can dig up dirt on Mitt Romney. Let's start tonight's program off with this fun video --

and then you have these videos:



The Gender Prison: Weaving Reality III: Nebulous answers to cogent questions

The WeaveMothers were one and several. The collective imagined a HereNow. But the autonomous units were going to do what autonomous units do. The distance between imagination and image on the one hand and reality on the other was immense through the eye of any disinterested observer.

As if there existed such a concept as disinterested observer...




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