Humanitarianism is Geopolitical Rohypnol: Mali

In case you didn't know, there is serious shit going down in Mali. In case you did know, all the information that's delivered to your door about it serves the interests of the Western Empire, not the people of Mali. Time for the latest chapter on how Western humanitarianism is being used to rape the world.

Mali is the latest subject of Western imperial ogling, and all of Obama's international neoliberal fraternity brothers are taking their turn explaining why Mali is just asking for some forcible intervention.



More Hostage taking over the BCA

"Look at your national budget."

That was the answer given to a question that was asked of former Chilean political prisoner Rev. Ulises Torres. The question was...

"When do you know if you have a military government?"

No matter reports to the contrary once again the MIC and governmental figures are telling tales of woe if the BCA (Budget Control Act of 2011) is allowed to take effect. In his new article Dr. Joseph Gerson nails it that what we need is an honest conversation of what's needed to turn our economy around and not "hair on fire" rhetoric from people who's livelihoods depend on feeding at the taxpayers teat.

Kick the Habit: Fund Our Communities, Not War

Like a crack addict reaching for the next hit, unable to envision or take steps toward a regimen of health, too many of our political leaders are embracing their roles as hostages of what President Eisenhower termed the military-industrial complex.

It get's better down there.



Curtailing speech and its enablers

As we all know Saudi Arabia is one of the worst nations in the world when it comes to freedom of expression. Their draconian laws are now being expanded and it may be a bit surprising who is working with them and others such as Pakistan to develop international standards for blasphemy prosecutions.

Saudi Arabia Moves Toward Expansion of Blasphemy Law To Cover Social Networks and Blogs

The West has steadily yielded to the demands of religious groups that free speech must be curtailed in the name of faith. At the same time, West governmental and religious leaders have denounced agnostics and atheists as one of the greatest threats facing the West

There's more.



Weaving Reality

The Weavemothers were alternately bemused and perplexed. Weaving spacetime is a daunting task. But the die had been cast.

Those self-programmable units would have to be the answer. At least for now, the spot weaving of the tapestry would have to rely on them. If only they didn't have the bugs that caused them to sometimes go round and round in circles, sometimes get lost in mazes of amazing complexity, and too often fail to cooperate with each other in their common task.



That Was the Week That Was: Sunday Evening Open Thread

This was a week of travel, illness, good news, bad news, humor, annoyance, aggravation, distractions, and drama. Lots and lots and lots of drama.

And that was just me.

There is so much going on in the world.

There's unrest in Europe - lots of that going on. There's a movement for Scottish independence from Britain.



Anti-Capitalist Meet Up: Let's Talk 'Decolonization' by Unaspencer

[Reposted From Daily Kos with the author's permission.]

I write today to, hopefully, start a dialogue and ongoing series about the concept of decolonization. I'm fairly new to the term. Some of the concepts have been in me for a while, but I did not have connection to a philosophy or political movement, much less a name. So, I'll share my entry point and early thoughts about decolonization. I invite you to share yours.



Sunday Train: NEC High Speed Rail for Under $20b

Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence

One of the transit bloggers that I enjoy reading is Alon Levy who blogs his observations on a variety of transit topics at Pedestrian Observations . Following the important California HSR funding vote in the California State Senate and the excitement leading up to it, I thought I'd like to take a look at the proposed Express HSR system for the states of the Northeast Corridor.

Of the $53b cost of the proposed San Francisco to Los Angeles Express HSR corridor seems hefty ~ and it seems even heftier when it shows the Year of Expenditure headline value of $68b ~ then the proposed Northeast Corridor states Express HSR will seem massive.

However, Alon claims:

Northeast Corridor HSR, 90% Cheaper
In contrast with this extravaganza, it is possible to achieve comparable travel times for about one tenth the cost. The important thing is to build the projects with the most benefit measured in travel time reduced or reliability gained per unit of cost, and also share tracks heavily with commuter rail, using timed overtakes to reduce the required amount of multi-tracking.

This sounds like an intriguing possibility ... but is it realistic? Or is it wishful thinking? Follow me below the fold, and then let's discuss it.




Bad news for Iranians

The Iranian government has been taking steps to avoid another Green Revolution. In an effort to retain control and avoid their own Tahrir square. The Iranian government is controlling public spaces and access to both television and social media. There are some though that are taking the risk and continuing their movement.

Public Space, Temporarily

There is no more central character in this domestic narrative of cultural protest than the satellite man.



From Peacnik to Governor of Kirkuk, Iraq

More evidence that the entire boondoggle in Iraq was a fly by night operation and those in charge were clueless as to how to accomplish the stated objective.

Inside Iraq: the British peacenik who became key to the US military

How Emma Sky went from anti-war academic to governor of Kirkuk, one of Iraq's most volatile regions

More down there.




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