Don't Quote Me/Wednesday Morning Open Thread

Eight years was awsome and I was famous and I was powerful.~George W. Bush

In Isreal it's like hunting gefilte fish in a barrel.~Ari Fleischer

End of quote.~Mitt Romney

Let me be perfectly frank. This is one of my favorite traditions. I relish it so much...who wrote this s#!t.~NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg

I had a beer in Amherst, at Ziggy's, so I'm feeling good, feeling steady.~President Obama


And one of my favorites...

The thing about quotes on the internet you never know if they are true.~Abraham Lincoln

Musics down there



Favorite Songs: Communication Edition

Also available in Orange...

Howdy howdy howdy everybody! Welcome to Favorite Songs at Voices on the Square! Yessir, it's Tuesday evening so you know what time it is! Yes, thank gawd - it's time to leave all the bad news and politics behind and escape into our favorite tunes instead!

Well, there's been all kind of chatter this week, so...



The Cherry-Pick Mitt Romney Movement Marches Onward!!

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This is, of course, about the Cherry-Pick Mitt Romney Movement, the movement that thinks so much of its liberatory potential for the fact that it can dig up dirt on Mitt Romney. Let's start tonight's program off with this fun video --

and then you have these videos:



The Gender Prison: Weaving Reality III: Nebulous answers to cogent questions

The WeaveMothers were one and several. The collective imagined a HereNow. But the autonomous units were going to do what autonomous units do. The distance between imagination and image on the one hand and reality on the other was immense through the eye of any disinterested observer.

As if there existed such a concept as disinterested observer...



About that Hoax

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U.S. drought biggest since 1956, climate agency says

The National Climatic Data Center is reporting that over 70% of the country are experiencing "abnormally dry or worse conditions".

That's double one year ago, according to agency statistics.

The hot, dry weather has taken its toll on agriculture, with 30% of the corn planted in the leading 18-corn producing states reported in poor or very poor conditions as of last week, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Even while flat earthers scream foul, statistics and evidence continue to mount that we are experiencing a warming pattern and extreme weather conditions that can't be explained away by wishful thinking.

More below.



Weaving Reality II: Picking up the rhythm

The WeaveMothers rustled. Rustled? It's as good a word as any to describe their collective motion. A ripple of the fabric was often necessary since the units seemed predisposed to perform the same task over and over and over again.

Uncertainty happens. At least it is supposed to happen. One can't be certain that it will.




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