White nationalist pepper-sprays transgender person in Asbury Park

Allie Koralik is a non-binary, transgender resident of Long Branch, NJ. Koralik was making signs Sunday at a gallery on the boardwalk in Asbury Park for a Stand Against Hate rally when they were approached by Morris May, 22 of Scotch Plains and his 20-year-old brother, who were carrying a Trump 2020 sign.

My brother and I are both hard-core conservatives I support three things: liberty, free speech and the Republican Party.


An argument ensued and then Morris May sprayed pepper spray in Koralik's face.



Texas activist beaten by two men because of gender identity

Stephanie Martinez is a transgender activist in Austin, TX. She met Rayshad Deloach in an online chat room. Deloach said he was interested in learning about transgender people/issues.

This is not unusual by itself. We must educate our fellow citizens about who we are in order to establish our niche in society. That's pretty much why I do what I do.



A Day in the Life

 photo Pearl2_zpsre4sfqdt.jpgPearl Love is a Taiwanese transgender woman who lives in New York. So she rides the subway a lot.

Here's what recently happened last week, in her own words:

I am an outreach social worker for Trans Latina network and an Asian transgender individual. Today is 4.28.16 Thursday. I work in big event for the center - the 8th annual immigration fare & culture event. Between 4:30-4:45 pm. I was on 6 train from Bronx to the LGBT center to work , when I change 6 train to 4 express train in 125 st station an unknown woman sitting across me started to verbally abuse me. Make lot of shit comments about how much she hate Trans people and want me to suck her dick. She also made racist comments. I ignored her and kept reading my book. When the train got to 86 st she started getting so loud and crazy yelling at me so I started to record her on my phone cam- she start getting even louder and start assault me and hit me. As you can see it's definitely a hate crime. She attacked me inside the train . When I retreated she threw all my stuff on the floor and chased me around the train and say she is going to find a stick to hit me. It was a crowded train and everyone heard it but no one helped me. Guys acting like nothing happened. For 5 min. Then when the train stop on 42 st. She got out of train but keep yelling at me, I recorded 4 videos around 3.5 min. Thanks to an older guy who helped me pick my stuff up and put it back my bag, and said sorry to me. So now you can understand what's happening in my everyday life. That happens all the time. But it's my first time recording it.
....Well she has a lot to learn . She need education to how to respect, learn not to be discriminatory against the Trans Community . I am so sad for her children. Have that kind of mother to teach them to grow up to be bigoted assholes.



Confusion and Conclusions in Jackson Heights

Transgender activists marched Tuesday to protest the savage beating of Kathy Sal in Jackson Heights last Sunday and the actions of the police and media since that took place.

NYPD identified the victim as a man in their report, even though they were aware that she was known by a female first name. Television station WCBS deadnamed the victim (deadname: verb transitive, "identify a transgender person by their former name instead of their perferred name"). The Daily News and Newsday both misgendered the victim.

Daily News headline: EXCLUSIVE: Crossdressing Queens man brutally attacked, suspect repeatedly smashed his head into a curb

Newsday headline: NYPD: Cross-dressing man attacked in Jackson Heights, Queens



At the crosswalk of haters and hate

Stephen E. Thompson is a 45 year-old man who was working as a DJ at a party thrown at Down Under Lounge in Omaha. His attire for the evening consisted of what has been called priestly garb: (a black Catholic shirt with priest collar and skinny skeleton jeans.

 photo barone_zps14zw6rq6.jpgKara Jeslyn Barone, 27, and a friend, both transgender women, needed to use the women's restroom that night. It turned out that Thompson's girlfriend, Dahlia Strange, needed to use the restroom at the same time.

These things happen...especially at bars.

Thompson went berserk. He began kicking at the door and tried to force his way in. Barone pushed him out and locked the door in order to keep him out. Strange finished her business and opened the door to leave. Thompson took the opportunity to punch Barone in the face...while calling her a "faggot" and other anti-gay slurs.


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