Who says we have no sense of humor?

I've always believed that one cannot survive transition without the ability to laugh at the situations one finds oneself in.

So when, as frequently has happened, someone tells me I just need to get a sense of humor, I am a bit taken aback. I have a well-endowed sense of humor. Perhaps the problem is that what was said or done just wasn't funny.

So anyway, I ran across something interesting recently.

The Switch was originally going to be a webseries. Due to a change in funding, it is now the pilot for a television series.

The Switch is a magical-realist transgender comedy, one that delights in pushing the envelope and in holding a queer & quirky mirror up to our own lives. And at the heart of it all is Sü, the weird experiences she has, and the people she shares them with.



Late Live Blog From Tinsel Town: The Ultimate in American Glamour

Last time I did a live blog of something entertaining and mostly trivial like this, I realized well after the fact of the wildly successful live blog that the "live" part was  perhaps strictly factual only in the sense that if time travel were possible, someone would pass back 3 hours in time to find me "live blogging" 3 hours late. I am here to anounce that the geomoo late live blogging tradition will continue.  Anyone who knows me will tell you, lateness is my style.  "Live" to me means as soon as possible while skipping commercials.  Sorry, that's not going to change.




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