Gender Prison: Documentary to watch for: My Prairie Home

 photo Spoon_zps9db88672.jpgOne of the documentaries that showed at the just-concluded Sundance Film Festival was My Prairie Home about the life and music of transman Rae Spoon.

I sure wish I was a man,
I would never go to church again.
My prairie home fits like a Sunday dress.

--Rae Spoon, Sunday Dress





Rae prefers people use the pronouns "they" and "them." They say that the people at Sundance have been very accepting of their choice of pronoun.

There haven’t been any grammar discussions yet.





Gender Prison: S/he

Intersex isn't uncommon, It's just unheard of.

The documentary Intersexion will be showing this month at the Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival, which runs through February 28. Intersexion shows this coming Sunday. If you can't make it to Australia this month, you have another chance March 14-24 at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. Tickets for MQFF go on sail on Thursday. The program will also be released on that date.

The documentary was created by New Zealand filmmaker Grant Lahood (Kombi Nation (2003), Lemming Aid (1994), The Singing Trophy (1993)).

When I heard it was one in 2,000 I was amazed. If you'd asked me before I would have thought it was one in millions. And then I asked myself why I didn't know any intersex people? Why they are so invisible?

--Grant Lahood


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