The Election is Essentially Over and Spoiler Alert: Wall Street Won

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I know it. You know it, so who are we kidding? I suppose anything can happen, but essentially the election is over and our President will very likely win the electoral college and the Democrats will keep the Senate and maybe pick up some new seats in the House. So I'm here to find meaning within it all, because I have not been able to grasp how shutting up during election season, but then speaking up after the election will make us "move froward." Especially when the President and the filibuster-loving-set-to-do-nothing Congress do not have to care what we think at all afterwards.

They may get together for their grand bargain since many so called Democrats and Republicans are deficit terrorists and will work to tear down our social safety net in a bipartisan way for the mythical bond vigilantes and confidence fairies they believe in because Peter Peterson told them some scary bedtime stories in the chambers of Congress. This will all be hashed out in unrepresentative undemocratic gangs of 6 or 8 or 12 without our input. So what are we supposed to do when that happens and we are cut out? Make believe they still love us?

Or perhaps some think pointing this out is me being seduced by cynicism. Though I respect some who are arguing this now as opposed to the past, I have to vehemently disagree and I think I have a good case to make to counter that narrative.



The President Agreed With Mitt Romney on Social Security in the Debate

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And it's not just people like me that support the Democratic Party Platform over any politician that noticed this. It was one of the President's biggest most enthusiastic supporters; Ed Schultz of the Ed Show on MSNBC.

Let's look at the transcript:

LEHRER: All right? All right. This is segment three, the economy. Entitlements. First -- first answer goes to you, two minutes, Mr. President. Do you see a major difference between the two of you on Social Security?

OBAMA: You know, I suspect that, on Social Security, we've got a somewhat similar position. Social Security is structurally sound. It's going to have to be tweaked the way it was by Ronald Reagan and Speaker -- Democratic Speaker Tip O'Neill. But it is -- the basic structure is sound.

And yes, I know the President offered a touching anecdotal of what SS has meant for his family and I respect that; however I'm going to borrow a line from someone whom I won't speak for, but it's a good line anyway so I'll tweak it for my POV on this. Mr. President, don't tell me what you believe about Social Security, you have shown what you plan to do with Social Security by agreeing to another Greenspan commission like "tweak." So I'll tell you what you really believe and why that is a problem.



Can You Accept Simpson Bowles-Sh!t and Still Call Yourself a Democrat?

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No, unless you somehow think RW DLC and third way Democrats forever have the right to dictate their failed policies and complicity in the Great Divergence. No. Real Democrats, if any exist anymore, don’t believe in austerity or the coming GRAND SELLOUT in Congress after the President likely wins reelection. We warned it was coming as soon as the Bush Tax Cut Sellout was passed by Democrats. It was easy to see, but none are as blind as those that refused to see. You know who you are.

It would be different of course if partisans didn’t let Democrats enable Republican lies and ignorance about deficits and national accounting, but they do as Bill Clinton did in his speech at the DNC sticking the part about Simpson Bowles at the end. Deficits are only dangerous political tools as long as Democratic voters are complicit in accepting the whole stupid debate about who rung up the debt. He was probably hoping you wouldn’t pay attention to that part, but maybe not. After all, he once told us how he really felt.

Former President Bill Clinton has quite the skewed view on interest rates (Interest rates went up as he was balancing the budget, not down) regarding deficits and his disastrous surpluses he brags about. As the great Stephanie Kelton, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City took note of, even mainstream "progressive" journalists are now admitting reality so why must we indulge these deficit fantasies or sit through another convention full of them?

We’re Not Broke and the Clinton Surpluses Destroyed the US Economy

Two of our nation’s most influential progressive journalists — Slate’s Matt Yglesias and Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal — just took on two powerful economic myths.

1. The Myth that The US Government is Out of Money

2. The Myth that A Government Surplus is a Sign of Fiscal Responsibility

It’s hard to imagine a more empowering message. As word spreads, elected officials in both parties will lose their primary excuse for inaction on on a whole range of neglected and underfunded programs. “I’d love to help, but I’m all tapped out,” simply won’t sell.



People That Excuse Wasting the Crisis in 2008 Don’t Get to Lecture Anyone

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In lieu of meaningless political convention coverage, my title is absolutely still true. Decades and decades of history refutes any excuses about the so called political expediency of wasting any crisis economic or otherwise. That is one of the only things I agree with Rahm Emanuel on when he said it at the beginning of this administration. Sadly, the White House only listened to his hippy punching BS. The prospect that this economic disaster wouldn't go to waste or enrich bankers was where the hope used to reside when there was any at all to confide in as far as any real economic recovery is concerned.

But when we mention these real world problems still abound from these failures we hear the same old tired excuses trotted out to excuse this administration from loyal partisans who are proud of what they never learn. This involves excusing the the bailout, housing, and foreclosure crisis. Ironically, this is why there is any chance at all for insane Republicans to make hay in this election at all so it might be smart to pay attention to it at some point even if the media won't cover it. The bottom line is that coddling too big to fail banks with trillions in bailouts and more bailout guarantees on top of that (29 trillion globally when counted all up) to make Capital whole at the expense of laborers didn't help and many of us knew it wouldn't from the get go.

During an election it is treated like a crime to say so. You know, other countries have actually learned this lesson as we have forgotten from the past. Alas Iceland handled their crisis well, like Sweden, and like we did during the S&L crisis but not in 2008 where our fate is now a lost decade or two. With too many loyal "Democrats" looking the other way, this administration and their point man in the Treasury let Wall St have the most say even though public anger at Wall St was and is still at an all time high. This explains why the public was against the bailout, and how it failed in the House at first.



When the Next Crash Comes Remember Which Side You Were On and Learn

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Yes, another crash is coming. I can't predict precisely when as that would be a fool's errand, but much closer than you think. It will probably be after our President is reelected and will care very little what you or I think once he and his treasury push for criminal TBTF banks to bailed out once again. Doctor Doom: the nickname for economist Nouriel Roubini: one of the relatively few outside the mainstream(part of the Got It Right (pdf) project) who predicted the last crash thinks 2013 is a perfect storm for another one which will be even worse and it makes sense.

Despite on theoretical fiscal policy limits with regard to the US, Roubini is absolutely right on the political deadlock with the coming crisis. We wasted our last crisis and that's something Conservatives have not done whether we're talking about the stagflation crisis of the 70s or 9/11. There won't be as many political options this time to prop up the underlying economy in 2013 because Democrats have failed to change the Senate rules because most of them secretly like the way things work or don't work in Washington. Sadly, if Republicans take over both houses again, they will change the Senate rules as they threatening to do in 2005 and 2006.

Anyway some might still want to scoff at Roubini's prediction, but that will come back to bite them in the ass. Not even Roubini can predict the exact moment it will happen, but if one knows anything about the history of financial crashes, since the 80s when the 1933 banking reforms passed by FDR started slowly being dismantled, they started happening once again in a 5-7 year time-frame(and even closer than that if you count global stock crashes which count now more than ever since our markets turned dark with OTC derivatives and Information Asymmetry all around); some worse than others as the 2008 bust was on par with 1929 but you get the idea.



President Obama, Mitt Romney, and Congress: Fiscal Cliffs, Deficit Terrorism, and Homeless Children

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As you all know it's election season, and for that reason I am advised by some Democrats to shut up about the dire issues of the day that all of Washington D.C are failing all of us on. They say to wait until they don't have to care about us or these issues. By that time they will be on their way to "sequestering" and slashing Social Security and Medicare in their sellout grand bargains. They say unless good words are heard our President can't spread his wings and fly like a bird on to victory in 2012.



More Hostage taking over the BCA

"Look at your national budget."

That was the answer given to a question that was asked of former Chilean political prisoner Rev. Ulises Torres. The question was...

"When do you know if you have a military government?"

No matter reports to the contrary once again the MIC and governmental figures are telling tales of woe if the BCA (Budget Control Act of 2011) is allowed to take effect. In his new article Dr. Joseph Gerson nails it that what we need is an honest conversation of what's needed to turn our economy around and not "hair on fire" rhetoric from people who's livelihoods depend on feeding at the taxpayers teat.

Kick the Habit: Fund Our Communities, Not War

Like a crack addict reaching for the next hit, unable to envision or take steps toward a regimen of health, too many of our political leaders are embracing their roles as hostages of what President Eisenhower termed the military-industrial complex.

It get's better down there.



Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Jobless Masses: They Don’t Want to Talk About You in This Campaign

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That’s right; the tired huddled masses yearning for a living wage need not apply for real representation in 2012. Many do not want to talk about it during campaign season. However, it’s not going away, and there’s a reason; unlike what neoclassical/neoliberal economic garbage stipulates, high unemployment can continue on indefinitely.




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