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Vituperation in Edmonton

The Edmonton Catholic School District has been trying to come up with a policy about transgender students, as required by the Alberta Ministry of Education.

The result, as you might imagine, has been a lot of screaming and shouting.



Lead transphobe has been Trustee Larry Kowalczyk. Back in September his statement about the possibility of a policy was:

I see that as a mental disorder, my faith sees it as a mental disorder.

My stand is with that of the church. God has not made a mistake in the gender of me, or you, or anyone else.


In the earlier interview, he compared transgender people to those suffering from schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder.



No heroes among them: the saga of the East Aurora School Board

I've covered the ongoing drama in suburban East Aurora, IL several times previously: see

Updated: Will IL school board kowtow to hate group? You bet!

School Daze

Not so much equality.

We can now bring that drama to a conclusion.

And surprise!

We didn't win.

The East Aurora School Board voted on Monday to dissolve the 22-person committee that was formed in October to advise the district on transgender issues.


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