Educational Reform

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Brave New World - High Stakes Testing or When a Test is Not Just a Test by Diane Zavala and Peg Rapp

(This article was co-authored by Diana Zavala, a parent with a 9 year old child in New York City Public Schools who works with Change the Stakes and Peg Rapp, a member of the Anti-Capitalist Meet-up Collective who also taught in the New York City Public Schools).



Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Obama Privatizes Public Schools: Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire by Geminijen

The battle to privatize education as part of the neoliberal shock doctrine is in full swing--on one side we have a rank and file movement of public school K-12 educators and parents mobilized by the Chicago teachers' strike trying to save the teachers unions and neighborhood schools -- on the other side we have the "educational reform" agenda using the full power of Obama's "Race to the Top" (RTTT) policy which uses government funding to force the closure of "nonfunctioning" public schools and replace them with privately run "Charter" Schools .


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