BC soon to add gender identity to Human Rights Code

Equality news out of Canada from yesterday:

Attorney General Suzanne Anton said the BC Liberals will table the amendment in the upcoming summer legislative session, after years of lobbying by NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert and transgender advocacy groups.

In Canada-speak, "tabling an amendment" means "bring it to the table."

As British Columbians, we must ensure everyone in B.C., especially those most likely to face discrimination, are not only protected by the law, but feel they are protected and understand that they are protected.




Jim Crow

NC Gov. Pat McCrory was interviewed on NPR the other day and managed to express the idea that passage of Hate Bill 2 was the fault of transgender people.

If we had not pushed for equal rights and access to public accommodations, then conservative forces would not have been forced to take them away from us.

He and other conservatives were also vehemently upset over AG Loretta Lynch's comparison of the current state of affairs to Jim Crow.



Gov. Baker Exits Stage Right


 photo Baker_zps6uj4lp13.jpg
Gov. Charlie Baker was mysteriously chosen as the keynote speaker at a networking event hosted by Boston Spirit Magazine last night in Boston.


Yet when the Republican took the stage, he was confronted by signs and chants from demonstrators urging him to support a transgender anti-discrimination bill, which has been a hot topic of late for the Massachusetts governor.

Despite pleas from his audience, Gov. Charlie remained steadfast:

I will make sure I talk to all parties involved before we make any decision.

Presumably that includes Massachusetts Family Institute, which promotes hatred against transgender people.



Addressing transgender rights in the UK

The UK parliament's Committee on Women and Equality has released the first report from its parliamentary inquiry into discrimination against transgender people in education, health and criminal justice.

The inquiry was tasked with assessing levels of transphobia, access to NHS services and issues faced by transgender youth.

The NHS was found to be particularly lacking.



Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs

 photo Tudor.Rachel-224x300_zpso54qaj4k.jpgRachel Tudor was hired at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant before she began transition. That link goes to an article published in 2011.

The story now has an update.

When she began transition four years ago, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Douglas N. McMillan is reported to have said that Tudor's "lifestyle" offended his Baptist beliefs and asked whether Tudor could just be summarily dismissed.

He was told that action would constitute gender discrimination under Title IX by the Department of Education.

Tudor was informed that being transgender was a "gave offense" to McMillan's religious sensibilities.




 photo tc1.jpgOn this International Day of Transgender Visibility dueling manifestos have apparently broken out. I've always been a bit wary of manifestos as a general rule, but I suppose they have their place.

In Great Britain (or anywhere) a coming together of the various and sundry transgender constituencies for any purpose is a great feat indeed, but they did so in late 2013, in hopes of creating a bit of focus.

My view about four or five years ago was that protection trans people had in the law exceeded the societal understanding of trans issues but it wouldn’t take very much for that situation to be reversed. I think we’re now at that point. People now understand a lot more about trans issues because of the general publicity. The law is trying to progress, but it’s not progressing anything like as fast as the social understanding.

--Helen Belcher, LGBT Consortium

TransManifesto.org was launched yesterday. It "allows users to view which candidates have indicated their support for the Trans Manifesto, and those who have declined it."





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