Taking it to court

Taking it to court

FreeState Justice has filed a lawsuit in Federal court against Talbot County on behalf of a 14-year-old Maryland transgender boy accusing an Eastern Shore school system of violating Title IX by denying him access to locker rooms consistent with his gender identity.

The boy, who was not identified in the lawsuit, will be a ninth grader at St. Michaels Middle-High School, and wants to try out for soccer in August, according to Jer Welter, FreeState Justice's deputy director and managing attorney.

During last school year, the boy used a gender neutral restroom far from the gym and his classrooms.

This has been a problem. It is stigmatizing for him. It marks him as different from the other students.




"I'm going to kill this faggot" --12 year old in Orlando

A 12 year-old Orlando boy sneaked out of his grandmother's house last night...taking a gun he had stolen along with him.

Cheyenne West, a transgender woman who was walking down a street near the Citrus Bowl heard him talking into his cell phone. She heard him say "I'm going to kill this faggot," so she started to run.

She said she was running for her life but when she realized the shooter was out of bullets, she turned around and began chasing him.



Not a man in a dress

 photo Clarke_zpsxwns6dbz.jpgSeveral dozen folks gathered last evening at the University Area Community Center in Tampa, including the friends and family of transgender woman India Clarke, whose body had been found Tuesday morning at playground near the center, a victim of blunt force trauma.

A growing shrine at the site near where Clarke’s body was found included a stuffed bear, flowers and balloons and, because India would have loved it, two selfies.

So he has a picture in his phone and I pray that they find his phone so that I can get a copy of that picture, cause he took his last picture of me and him together Sunday leaving my house.’

--Thelma Clarke, India's mother



The dress code is on your birth certificate

 photo broussard_zpsvne0daif.jpgTristan Brousard is a 21-year-old native of Hathaway, LA, in Jefferson Davis Parrish. The transgender man has filed a sex disrimination lawsuit against his former employer, First Tower Loan LLC, which is based in Flowood, Mississippi and has offices in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois.

Broussard says that he was forced out of his job in Lake Charles, LA, after a company executive discovered he was born female. Tower was hired in February of 2013 as a sales representative and in March a supervisor was going over his employment papers and noticed that his driver's license listed him as female. Broussard told the supervisor that he was transgender.

Most people that don't know me from before can't tell.




First, do no harm

 photo Hunter_zpstmcbxizu.jpgDanielle Hunter is 48 years old. For the past 20 years she has done drag for a living, both hosting Sunday Morning Drag Gospel Brunch at Bananas Modern Diner in Orlando and performing as Dolly Parton at the Funky Monkey Wine Co.

Danielle unfortunately recently attempted suicide. After recovering in a hospital, she felt she wasn't ready to jump right back out on the streets, so she checked in to a mental-health facility run by Aspire Health Partners this past Tuesday, seeking supervision and support.

The treatment she got was horrendous considering the circumstances. She was removed from her room and first told to sleep on the floor in a common area, though she was eventually given a cot. When she complained, she was told there would be space for her in a room designated for men.

Here's Danielle at the Funky Monkey:









Transgender Day of Celebration: Unlikely Sources


A dinner and community gathering to share in each other's company, meet new trans*-identified friends and give thanks for the love and support of our community. We will also be having a clothing exchange, so bring your pre-transition clothes that've been wasting away in the closet! 



Transgender Day of Celebration is an opportunity for trans people and all who love them to come together and celebrate. We celebrate our own trans lives, and we celebrate the trans people whose lives have touched ours.

--Jamez Terry, MCC Boston

I've added some stories from unusual sources to help establish the mood.



Gender Prison: The battle for equality

The battle for equality

transgender, discrimination, equal rights, equal access, Miami-Dade, Florida, Cleveland, Ohio

In times of trouble federally and at the state level, the battle for equal treatment and access moves to the local level.

In recent times I have written about current attempts to move us forward in South Florida and Northeast Ohio.

Miami-Dade commissioners unanimous in support of transgender protections (preliminary vote)

Transgender Awareness




Gender Prison: Miami-Dade commissioners unanimous in support of transgender protections (preliminary vote)

A year ago Miami-Dade County commissioners withdrew a proposal which would have added gender identity and expression to the county's anti-discrimination law. At the time they said that was done in order to "allow more time" to educate the commission about transgender people.

The plan, which would have banned discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment, could not gather enough votes at the committee level.

This morning commissioners gave unanimous preliminary approval to amending the human-rights ordinance by adding the phrases "gender identity" and "gender expression."

This update that we’re working on would ensure very basic protections for a very vulnerable part of our community that many take for granted.

--Charo Valero, SAVE

The vote this morning was momentous for what did not happen. Nobody showed up to speak against the amendment.





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