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Gender Prison: Transpeople, the DOJ, and Sage Smith

December 5 was the anniversary of the founding of the National Center for Transgender Equality, so the organization was holding their 9th Anniversary Awards Reception. And they invited Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Roy L. Austin, Jr. to speak. There is a slideshow of the event, which was held at the National Press Club ballroom, here.

Austin said that the DOJ has and will continue to use its law enforcement powers to fight anti-transgender discrimination, claiming that the department has investigated and taken action against hate crimes, school bullying, and biased policing that target the transgender community.

Now under the leadership of Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez, the Civil Rights Division has never been stronger and the fight for transgender equality has never been fought more forcefully.


On the inside I will continue the report on Austin's presentation while attempting to control my boundless cynicism.


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