Transgender on Campus

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) has announced a new program. The Transgender On-campus Nondiscrimination Information Project (TONI) will connect transgender students, providing them an opportunity to share and access trans-affirmative college policies, procedures and practices, with an eye toward instigating some organizing and action.

TONI will have a searchable database of campus profiles that provides information on campus policies such as housing, records and documentation, healthcare, safety and curricula. It will be accessible to current and prospective students and users will also have a community forum where they can share ideas and develop action plans.

With the start of another academic year, the TONI Project is urgently needed. Colleges and universities have always been at the forefront of the progress we’ve made in trans inclusion. But there are still too many trans college students who have trouble getting to, paying for, and graduating from college. That’s why NCTE and our allies came together to develop this site and hope it’ll go a long way to make the challenges of college life just a little bit easier to overcome.

Study after study from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey to the Campus Climate Index tells us that trans and gender non-conforming college students face real problems on campus. Fifteen percent leave school because they faced severe harassment. We can’t continue to allow trans students to make choices as important as this without having all the information in front of them. And we have to hold colleges accountable for how they treat young people in our community.

--Mara Keisling, NCTE Executive Director


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