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Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones and Industrial Army Arrive in South Bristol The Children's Crusade

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Wednesdy July 8, 1903
Pennsylvania - Mother Jones and Her Industrial Army Reach South Bristol

The Children's Crusade, also known as the Industrial Army of Mother Jones, reached Torresdale last evening where they camped for the night. They arrived at South Bristol this morning where they will camp for the day on the Simons estates. The "Crusaders" are coping with extreme heat, and many of the marches have returned to Philadelphia.

The children are equipped with knapsacks containing a knife and fork, a tin cup, and a plate. Meals are cooked in a large wash boiler when the army stops along the road. The commissary department consists of eight wagons carrying bread and canned goods. The grocers of Kensington have generously outfitted the army for the first few days of the journey. The marchers, who call themselves "Crusaders" have a watchword:

From Kensington to Wall Street.

The New York Times is reporting that the Social Democratic Party Executive Committee in New York City has been notified that Mother Jones and her Industrial Army should be expected soon. The Times describes the Children's Crusade as a "decent on New York" by Mother Jones to collect funds for the textile strikers of Philadelphia:

She brings an assortment of glass jewelry, fancy dresses, masks, megaphones, and other articles for use in getting up tableaus. "Mr. Capital" and "Mrs. Millowner" will be shown gorgeously attired. When the party reaches here it will be taken in hand by the committee of Social Democrats and arrangements will be made at once for a mass meeting and tableaus in Madison Square Garden.




Mali, Nigeria and the Coming African Wars

           On December 21, 2012, the United Nations Security Council approved the use of military action in the country of Mali.  The Northern portion of Mali is now in the control of Islamic extremists who wish to establish an Islamic country along the lines envisioned by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  On January 11, 2013 the first of an expected 2,500 French soldiers arrived in Mali.  West African nations have promised to send more than 3,000 soldiers to help the Malian government fight the Islamic forces.  The African forces will be led by Nigeria, which is actively engaged in their own fi


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