Nova Scotia

Tainted Story in Halifax

We'll have to wait to see if this actually turns out to be a good story. It started out to be one.

Kenny Cooley transferred to Halifax West High School as a junior. Things didn't go particularly well at his previous school when he came out as transgender. Now a senior, he pushed the boundaries a bit more this year by trying out and making the football team. He plays wide receiver.



A trio of tales

Sometimes the news articles just start piling up and the best way to dismantle the pile is to do a diary which shares multiple stories. Tonight I have a trio of stories to share, featuring human rights progress Canada, the election of a transgender politician in Cuba, and a transgender summit (of sorts) at the White House here in the US.

But I'll start off with a separate item, namely first time that the transgender flag has been flown over the Castro. After several months of contention, the Board of Merchants of Upper Market and the Castro consented to the raising of the transgender flag (the one designed by Monica Helms) for Transgender Day of Remembrance on Tuesday.







On with our stories:


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