Phoenix crowd videos itself committing hate crime

Phoenix transgender teen Dakota Kern, 18, was invited to a pool party this past weekend. She shouldn't have gone.

A crowd of at least a dozen started yelling homophobic and transphobic slurs at Dakota and her friend before someone grabbed Dakota by the hair, punched her a few times, knocking her to the ground, and someone took live video of at least three people kicking her repeatedly.





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It just is not ending.

Kandis Capri was 35. Her mother acknowledges that Kandis was transgender, but uses male pronouns and identifiers and her birth name anyway. Therefore, out of respect for Kandis I shall do some editing of her mother's account.

The only thing I know for sure is that she was murdered. Kandis was shot and I don’t know all the circumstances.

Kandis was at a lady’s apartment who she had been staying with for a couple weeks. And the only thing I know is that the car she had rented had been towed or something, or suspected of being towed away, so she left the apartment and was shot.

--Andria Gaines

One source has stated that Kandis was attempting to intervene in a domestic dispute.



Hellraisers Journal: All Six Caravans of the #Ride4Respect of #Walmartstrikers Have Arrived!

You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Thursday June 4, 1903
Phoenix, Arizona - Thousands of Copper Miners Strike Over Wage Scale

The operators' attempt to reduce wages as they conform with the eight hour law has led to a strike by several thousand miners. The strikers are led by the Western Federation of Miners. Most of the small mines of Yavapai County are being struck or are locked out. The United Verde Mine owned by Senator Clark may soon be affected due to his failure to negotiate a satisfactory agreement with the WFM during his recent visit to Arizona.



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