Pope Francis

The pope is wrong once again

In an address to the Pontifical Academy for Life general assembly on Thursday Pope Francis

decried “the utopia of ‘neutral,’” ostensibly referring to the concept of gender neutrality. He argued that gender is fixed as male or female for the purpose of reproduction. The pontiff also warned against the “manipulation” of gender, which he said could “dismantle” that balance.



Pope: Acceptance of transgender people is "terrible"

Words from a pope mean something to some people. Personally, I was raised Lutheran, so I grew up already excommunicated by the Vatican...as Lutherans had been for centuries.

But I have to admit I had expected better from Francis.

And people have been trying to interpret his words actions to me as more pro-trans than I've ever interpreted them. Now the cat is out of that bag.

Remarks from behind closed doors have surfaced.



The Pope and the Guest List

Now that Pope Francis is on American soil (question: Is the Popemobile considered baggage?), we can turn our attention to the exploding heads on the right (both Vatican and American, from all indications, over the guest list for tomorrow's White House visit.

To put everything in proper context, we should note that there are about 15,000 names on that guest list, so it's not like any one of them is going to spend significant time alone with Francis...or even get close to him, let alone speak to him.

But that's not stopping folks like Mike Huckabee from tweeting:

 photo williamson_zpsm2l7qsll.jpg

Classless decision by @POTUS to transform @Pontifex visit into a politicized cattle call is an insult to millions of Catholics. 

The man who has asserted that he would have been a pervert if transgender people around when he was young, is especially concerned about the invitations to Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, who is openly gay, transgender activist Mateo Williamson, and former Nun on the Bus, Sister Simone Campbell.

My attention, of course, is on Mateo Williamson, a former leader of the transgender caucus within Dignity USA.

The Vatican’s disapproval of my presence at the ceremony speaks to the necessity for continued dialogue between transgender Catholics and the church hierarchy.

This is really not so much of a political statement as it is the reality that there are so many LGBT Catholics and family members of LGBT people who would really benefit from this message coming from the White House.





Dear Francis

Context: Yesterday we learned that transgender people are the embodiment of evil and that as long as we are allowed to exist in this world, incidents like murdering nine people at a prayer meeting because of their race is bound to happen.

That seems to me to be a call for violence against us. But I suppose that could just be my interpretation.

If we indeed are responsible for all the evil in the world, I apologize. We certainly didn't mean for that to happen. We are peaceful, loving people just trying to find a place of comfort in this world.

Francis, I sit here appalled at you. From many of your statements about issues ranging from the evils of capitalism, to the mistreatment of the poor and the need to improve as custodians of the environment, we are pretty much on the same page.

But then I stumbled across what you said about us transgender people in your latest encyclical. You know what they say, Francis. "If you can't speak well of someone, then keep your peace."

To put it in a context that might mean more to you,

When you hold your tongue, you demonstrate that you have maturity and knowledge.

--Proverbs 17:27

But no...you didn't do that.



There's a New Sheriff in Town......New Pope Chosen

          After hours and hours of deliberation, the Catholic Church has a new Pope. In the Catholic Church's mystical version of 'Survivor', the Argentine born Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected as the Church's next Pope. His election is a surprise in that it was generally believed the next Pope would be younger and European. He is 76 and a Jesuit.



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