REAL Women

Gender Prison: "story-telling, mythmaking, and fear mongering"

It's a socially conservative women's group. They support "the values of traditional family and marriage." Yada, yada. One can infer that the "REAL women" is "as opposed to feminists."

Not that they are not opposed to transwomen…they truly are. But they are not opposed to only us.

So currently there is a bill (C-279) before the Canadian Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights which would extend the specific protection of the Canadian Human Rights Code on the basis of gender identity and gender expression and additionally add those categories to the criteria for hate crimes.

REAL Women of Canada is sending (as I write this. By now, it is "has sent") a researcher to testify today. There was a written submission prepared ahead of time.

It is for the purposes of response to that submission that we rise today.


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