Will Malaysia Cause the Truth to Come Out about Flight MH17?

Remember the downing of the Malaysia Boeing 777 jet MH17 over Ukraine? I can understand those that don't, alot of shit has happened since July 17th.

It was obvious from the start that it wasn't the separatists that shot it down. All you had to do was listen to Obama and Kerry and reverse their lies, not to mention the entire ruling class/state media. .



Flight MH17 and Obama

Investigative reporter Eric Zuesse has analyzed available information concerning the crash of flight MH17 in Ukraine and has come to what he says is a definitive conclusion that the plane was brought down by an attack by Ukraine military fighter jets. He's published a good number of articles since the incident.

I can't argue with his conclusion based on available information. I certainly don't believe the non-evidence, i.e., lies, provided by my own government. Again.



Say No to War with Russia

I'm seeing alot of writers in the alternative media warn of a possible WWIII with Russia which could include the use of nuclear weapons.  The most likely scenario would be the U.S./NATO imperialist war machine conducting a false flag operation while blaming Russia, then unleashing a preemptive first strike at Russia in accordance with established Pentagon plans for a preemptive first strike nuclear attack on Russia.   



The Breakfast Club-Troll This Diary!

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What About When Both Sides Suck? Ukraine Edition

Burning the Midnight Oil for the Arc of the Sun

This is not an effort to engage in an in-depth analysis of the Ukraine Crisis, but is rather a reflection on a challenge the seems to face online discussions about crises such as these.

Much of the analysis of the crisis goes along lines similar to the following:

  • The current government of the Ukraine sucks for [reason], therefore the opposition is great
  • The current opposition of the Ukraine sucks for [reason], therefore the government is great
  • United States foreign policy sucks for [reason], therefore Russia is great
  • Russian foreign policy sucks for [reason], therefore the United States is great

I am sure that anyone who has followed the online discussion of this crisis or, indeed, any of the previous international crises of the past five years will be familiar with arguments along these lines. After all, people who engage in this type of reasoning can come to conclusions about complex crises much quick than other people ...

... who are grounded in the reality that sometimes both sides suck.



Protesting Russia's anti-LGBT agenda



I've lived to bury my desires
and see my dreams corrode with rust
now all that's left are fruitless fires
that burn my empty heart to dust.

--Alexander Pushkin




Masha Bast is chair of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights. The association was founded in 2004, but didn't come into fruition until 2007.

Masha has come out as a bisexual transwoman in order to protest the Russian federal ban on "gay propaganda."

The law banning gay propaganda among minors is completely wrong

I remember being 10 and wanting to be a girl and putting on girl's clothes. I didn't understand what was happening to me.

This was in the Soviet Union and there was no information to explain what was happening to me.

--Masha Bast

There is more from Masha on the inside.



Anti-Capitalist Meet-up: In Honour of International Women's Day: The Words of Our Founding Mothers by Geminijen and ny brit expat

We are reposting with some additions, last year's piece which is a co-production of NY Brit Expat and Geminijen. What Geminijen and I decided we wanted to do was to allow women to speak for themselves, so we reproduced some quotes from these women. We wanted to discuss not only women that were known as leaders or that were heralded during their times; we also want to remind people of the voices of those who fought on the shop-floors, those that became “leaders” due to circumstance.


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