Sunday Train: Taking That High Speed Train in Georgia

I saw this news back in early January (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 8 Jan 2014):

A high speed rail line between Columbus and Atlanta would cost between $1.3-$3.9 billion over the next 20 years to build, but once up and running would more than pay for its operations and maintenance, a consultant said today.

It could also have a huge economic impact, according to Kirsten Berry, project manager consulting firm HNTB Corp., which performed the $350,000 study of the economic feasibility study of high speed rail between Columbus and Atlanta. The study was funded with a $300,000 Georgia Department of Transportation grant and the rest in private donations, according to city Director of Planning Rick Jones.

Now, the actual feasibility study itself has not been released, although the overview presentation to the Columbus GA stakeholders has been released, and I was going to wait until that feasibility study was available to talk about this on the Sunday Train. But then this happened:

Atlanta (CNN) -- Empty streets, shuttered storefronts and abandoned vehicles littering the side of the road. That was the scene across much of metropolitan Atlanta on Wednesday as people hunkered down to wait out the aftermath of a snow and ice storm that brought the nation's ninth-largest metropolitan area to a screeching halt.

... and given the severe state of auto-dependency in the greater Atlanta area, I concluded that the state of plans for HSR in Georgia merits a closer look.




Hellraisers Journal: Savannah Port Drivers Are Standing Up!

You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Saturday May 16, 1903
From the Appeal to Reason: A sample of poetry by Josphine Conger.

The Prayer of the Modern Woman

Unbind our hands. We do not ask for favor in this fight
Of human souls for human needs. We ask for naught but right,
That we may throw the burdens from our backs and and from
our brains
The thrall of servitude. We are so weary of the pains
That crush our hearts, and cramp our wills reducing all desires
To childish whims, while great hopes lie like smoldering fires
Within our brains, or burst distorted from some weak, unguarded
Leaving ruin and sorrow in their track....

We do not want our rights doled out; we want full liberty,
To grow, and be, and do our part, as Nature meant we should;
We want a perfect sister-as well as brotherhood.



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