Marking the Day

 photo hannaharmy_zps70mdnsju.jpgIt's National Coming Out Day...not just here but also in the UK.

In order to mark the day there Captain Hannah Winterbourne, Britain's most senior transgender army officer has spoken out, primarily speaking about the importance, at least in her life, of participation in sports.



Roundball Madness in Uganda

Jay Malucha is a 5' 2" point guard for the Magic Stormers. Williams Apako is a 5'6" small forward for the same team. The Magic Stormers play in the Federation of Uganda Basketball Association's women's league. But Jay and Williams both identify as transgender men.

Basketball was introduced to Ugandans by Peace Corps volunteers in the 1960s.

 photo Jay_zpsxeaitakb.jpg

When Jay began playing basketball as a teenager, for example, there was no court at his boarding school. The boys would play on netball pitches at night, and Jay would play among them. “I was the only person born biologically female who liked basketball at that school,” Jay said, “and I was the only one with a ball at that time. 



Sporting Open Thread

SO it's getting to the middle of football season, the end of baseball, and almost basketball, and gawd willing hockey season. And we had the Olympics this past summer too. So the question is this:

What is your favorite sport? It can be one you play or watch, and it can be as unique as sports can be - i.e. windsurfing counts, etc....

And what's going on with you?


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