Opposition from on high

Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft. More.

Criticism of Trump's anti-transgender maneuver has been swift and vocal.

It's destined to fall on deaf ears, however.

It's ultimately going to come down to the business community to stop it because it's so bad for business.

--Christopher Gergen, Forward Impact

The action taken by the administration is troubling and goes against all that we believe in.




Dean of St. John's College, Cambridge re: Trans in the Church

The Dean of St. John's College, Cambridge is the Reverend Duncan Dormor. He has published a new paper, Transgenderism and the Christian Church in the book The Legal Status of Transsexual and Transgender Persons

His paper is discussed by Madeleine Davies at the Church Times.

While a “growing number of Liberal Protestant denominations” are changing their policies, the advocacy of transgender groups and the reassessment of medical evidence may also produce a shift in conservative circles.

--Rev'd Dormor

The Dean concludes that

Over the past 20 years, there has been a very significant increase in the number of liberal and mainstream Protestant denominations which welcome transsexual and transgender Christians as congregational members and affirm their ministry as leaders and teachers.


There is always an important but...



Turkey Table Data

Just in time for Thanksgiving the University of Delaware's Center for Political Communication has released a new study to support your holiday table debates.

The National survey on rights, protections for transgender people has found that 71% of people favor protection of transgender individuals in schools and 70% favor such protections in the workplace. Sixty-two percent of the public supports allowing transgender people to serve openly in the military.



Rural California town models support

I'm sure that very few of you have ever heard of Denair, CA. It's a "census designated place" in Stanislaus County, CA. Not enough of a hint? It's near Turlock. Doesn't help? That's between Modesto and Merced. Central Valley.

Population was 4404 in 2010. The town encloses a grand total of 2 square miles.

It really epitomizes the phrase "small town." Except the part about the government not thinking it is large enough to be called a town.

Denair calls itself "The Oasis of the San Joaquin Valley."

In 2010 Denair had 10 same-sex married couples/domestic partnerships. 22% of the residences were rentals. 32% of the residents identify as Hispanic or Latino. In 2000 16% of the population lived below the poverty line.

As the Wikipedia entry for Stanislaus County says,

Stanislaus County is not a great place, it's just a place in the Central Valley.

 photo anry-fuentes-x750_zpswls1aeat.jpgAnry Fuentes lives in Denair. She is a transgender teen. When she she told her mother last year that she was going to come out, her mother kicked her out of their home.

Well my mom kicked me out. I’m not mad at her or hate her. I understand where she’s coming from. She was raised differently, and I can’t judge her for that. If I did regret [coming out] then I wouldn’t be this happy. It's much harder to hide than to come out as yourself.




Where we stand

Vanessa Baird, co-editor of the New Internationalist. has created a video intended to promote that magazine's October issue. I decided to bogart it for my own purposes, because the video provides a fairly good summary of where the transgender community stands at this particular time.






Gender Prison: Never thought I would see the day

Yes, my initial reaction to this story, as recorded in the title, was based in stereotype.

I know that when I first went to college at Penn in Philadelphia, I was pledging Theta Xi when I had my first gender-related breakdown. Approaching the brothers about it just wasn't in the cards back on 1967.

Much like the world of professional sports, the world of campus Greek life is not often heralded as the epitome of acceptance. Locker room antics are an insidious fact of the frat house. No doubt about it.

 photo Donnie2_zps8554757d.jpgThe brothers of Phi Alpha Tau fraternity at Emerson College in Boston, located between Beacon Hill and Bay Village, have undertaken a campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for sophomore pledge Donnie Collins.

Collins needs to raise $4800 to have his top surgery after the semester is over in May. When his prospective brothers found out that his insurance would not cover the surgery, they stepped up, showing the true meaning of brotherhood.



Chronic Tonic at VOTS- Looking For Emotional Rescue

Well, it's been one helluva week, eh? Much like the rest of the country we watched in horror here at chez triv as the events of last Friday unfolded and our hearts ached as we thought of our own boys aged eight and nine at their own elementary schools nearby. Then somebody on one of the 24/7 news-o-rama stations said it--the shooter was on the spectrum and Cleetus hollered, "Oh, hell no!" and turned off the teevee. We don't know exactly what's coming, but we suspect and we don't want to hear it, no. It goes right up at the top of our joint "fuck that" list.




Chronic Tonic at VOTS- Support: Why I Chose To Do This Here

Do you get support at home? Have you thought about looking for a support group? More than one doctor has asked me these or similar questions, one even scheduled me for a mandatory "group session" while I was an in-patient. To say that didn't go well would be an understatement. It's not that I didn't need support, I think most people who suffer do, it's just that I guess I'm a bit particular when it comes to what sort of support I want and who I want to participate in any kind of support group with.





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