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Time to Create a Term Limit on Serving on the Supreme Court

This essay is inspired in general by the retirement of Justice Kennedy, leaving the ideologically driven radical reactionaries that have taken over the Republican Party within reach of their long time goal of a strong 5 Justice Majority that will act as an extension of the "Conservative" movement. Goodbye Roe v Wade. Goodbye Obergefell v. Hodges. Quite possibly goodby "you have the right to remain silent, if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you." All of the landmark cases that rest on arguments regarding the extent of the rights to Due Process guaranteed by the 14th amendment, and all of the landmark cases that rest on arguments regarding "penumbral" rights, are subject to destruction due to the extra-Constitutional theft of President Obama's last Supreme Court nomination.




The Notorious RBG: "The Best and Hardest Job I've Ever Had"

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka The Notorious RBG, sat down for an exclusive interview with MSNBC's Irin Carmon. During the interview she spoke on numerous
subjects including the dysfunctional congress, abortion, marriage
equality, sexism, retirement and tattoos.



Full interview with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Full transcript can be read here  






CARMON: So I know that you have no intention of
retiring, and correct me if I'm wrong, anytime soon. But I'm wondering
what you want your successor to look like?

GINSBURG: My successor will be the choice of whatever president is
sitting at that time. But I'm concerned about doing the job full steam.
And I've said many times, once I sense that I am slipping, I will step
down. Because this is a very intense job. It is by far the best and the
hardest job I've ever had. And it takes a lot of energy and staying
power to do it right. So that is when I will step down, when I feel I
can no longer do the job full steam.



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