This is what hate looks like

Residents of Casa Ruby, a LGBT youth community center and shelter in Washington, D.C., were preparing to turn on a movie on Sunday afternoon to distract themselves from the cold late-winter day.

But before they could settle down in their warm, safe space, a visitor stood up, assaulted a staff member, threw a brick, shattered the glass door, and threatened to return to kill someone.

--Think Progress



Vandalism at LGBT Centers

When employees and volunteers at the Los Angeles LGBT Center arrived at work Friday, they discovered that one wall of a Center facility at Ed Gould Plaza (near Santa Monica Blvd. and Highland) had been defaced. Between 9 and 10 pm on Thursday night someone had spray painted an outer wall with graffiti: Fuck Trannies...Fuck all y'all.







Hate strikes in Linn County, Iowa

 photo Alyssa2_zpsbgyzlyme.jpgAlyssa Eve is a 23-year-old transgender woman who transitioned six years ago. One might think people had gotten over that by now.

But around 11:30 pm Friday Alyssa heard banging on the windows of her apartment.

She quickly called her mother, let out her Labrador retriever and went to investigate.

The first thing I saw was, ‘Kill yourself’ on my door.

--Alyssa Eve



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