white privilege

How White Privilege is Deployed as an Anti-Liberal Weapon

Thus do well-intentioned liberals become convinced that those with the most profound understanding and commitment to the liberal ideal are the most intransigent in blocking progress. The result is a fatal division in which those with the surest understanding of leftist ideals become marginalized by their own allies who are pursuing liberal goals through fatally flawed means, but whose flawed vision nearly guarantees an inability to hear a critique of these flaws. It might even be said that the heart is ripped out off liberalism, with the "purists" who explicate the liberal idea most insistently being seen not as touchstones but as enemies. Liberal ideals are coopted in the pursuit of superficially liberal but ultimately paranoid policies. Thus are the 1%, the conservatives who pursue concentration of wealth and power, inoculated against the only viable threat to plutocracy: solidarity.


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