Death by cop

Scout Schultz, a Georgia Tech student, who identified as non-binary and intersex and was president of the Georgia Tech Pride Alliance, called 911 early Sunday morning, reporting "a person with a knife and a gun" on campus. He then went into a parking lot and waited, holding a multi-tool pocket tool with no blade exposed. Campus police arrived shortly after and surrounded Schultz with guns drawn, yelling at them to "drop the knife."

Schultz walked slowly towards the officers.



2016 to shatter record

Five days ago Brandi Bledsoe, a 32-year-old transgender woman, was found dead on a driveway in Cleveland in only her underwear with plastic bags over her head and hands.

The body was discovered by a 5-year-old boy who was out riding his bike with his 12-year-old brother.

Police have disclosed that Brandi suffered head trauma. They also initially misgendered the victim.

Her death is a suspected homicide, but the medical examiner has not offered an official ruling on how she died.



Distress in Baltimore

Crystal Edmonds of Baltimore was walking on a sidewalk in Northwest Baltimore in the wee hours Friday morning when someone walked up behind her and shot her in the back of her head.

She was found on that sidewalk and rushed to a hospital, but she died Friday afternoon.

The 32-year-old Edmonds was a transgender woman.

Police do not know the motive or why Edmonds was in the area at the time and will investigate. Police are canvassing the area.



West Chicago

I guess all portents indicated my first essay upon returning from a bout of sickness would concern some death. The Lady Chablis died. Alexis Arquette.

But we're left to believe those were from natural causes. Chablis died after a month in a hospital fighting pneumonia. Alexis was in a coma at Cedars Sinai for four days before passing while listening to David Bowie's Starman.



Can we stop counting?

 photo Skye_zpsm8nykex6.jpgAround 8am last Saturday morning the owner of Ecclesiastic Granite Fab discovered the body of Skye Mockabee in his parking lot in Cleveland's Puritas-Longmead neighborhood.

The 26-year-old Mockabee was declared dead at 8:30 after EMS, firefighters and police arrived at the scene. The police report said the body was lying face-down next to a tow truck with blood coming out of her mouth. The police report also described the victim as a man. On Monday the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office deadnamed Mockabee.




White House appoints first transgender LGBT liaison

I know that everyone has been distracted, what with the Ides of March passing, five primaries, and the beginning of March Madness, but you know what?

Other things continue to happen.

 photo Raffie_zpswwbfwyrp.pngWhy, just Monday the White House appointed the first ever transgender person to the post of LGBT liaison. She's a Jewish Latina trans woman (you know, the person you joke about when trying to be over-the-top absurdly politically correct), named Raffi Freedman-Gurspan.

Freedman-Gurspan became the first transgender staffer appointed to the White House in 2015, working as the outreach and recruitment director in the presidential personnel office.

Raffi's new official title is Outreach & Recruitment Director for Presidential Personnel and Associate Director for Public Engagement.




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