Can we stop counting?

 photo Skye_zpsm8nykex6.jpgAround 8am last Saturday morning the owner of Ecclesiastic Granite Fab discovered the body of Skye Mockabee in his parking lot in Cleveland's Puritas-Longmead neighborhood.

The 26-year-old Mockabee was declared dead at 8:30 after EMS, firefighters and police arrived at the scene. The police report said the body was lying face-down next to a tow truck with blood coming out of her mouth. The police report also described the victim as a man. On Monday the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office deadnamed Mockabee.




White House appoints first transgender LGBT liaison

I know that everyone has been distracted, what with the Ides of March passing, five primaries, and the beginning of March Madness, but you know what?

Other things continue to happen.

 photo Raffie_zpswwbfwyrp.pngWhy, just Monday the White House appointed the first ever transgender person to the post of LGBT liaison. She's a Jewish Latina trans woman (you know, the person you joke about when trying to be over-the-top absurdly politically correct), named Raffi Freedman-Gurspan.

Freedman-Gurspan became the first transgender staffer appointed to the White House in 2015, working as the outreach and recruitment director in the presidential personnel office.

Raffi's new official title is Outreach & Recruitment Director for Presidential Personnel and Associate Director for Public Engagement.



Maya Young

 photo mayayoung_zpsyw9dix09.jpgMaya's Facebook page said that she was originally from Vineland, NJ and attended Buena Regional High School in Atlantic County. But by 2012 the 25-year-old was living in Philadelphia.

Close friends describe her as a 'truly a funny girl who was mad REAL and LOYAL.

--Naiymah Sanchez, TransHealth Information Project coordinator



A day at the Louisiana OMV

 photo glover_zpsbrba5jms.jpgAlexandra Glover of Denham Springs, LA needed to update her drivers license. That's not a fun thing to do for anyone, but it was worse for Alexandra. You see, Alexandra is transgender and she lives in Louisiana.

Transgender advocates say Louisiana is one in a minority of states that are behind when it comes to accommodating transgender and gender non-conforming people in ID laws. Recent efforts by transgender people in South Carolina and West Virginia have helped to change driver’s license practices in those states.

After being denied at a couple of OMV offices, Alexandra's friend thought she should document a visit with video.




You can’t present as a woman if you’re listed as a man.

If you have makeup on or anything like that you’re supposed to take all that off, because you are actually a man.

--OMV worker



#Sayhername...the respectful one

 photo CL5-Gk6UYAAKO9b-457x640_zps0g6aits6.jpgAmber Monroe...was exiting a vehicle near the intersection of 6 Mile and Woodward in Detroit around 5 am Saturday morning when she was fatally shot. Police say the shot came from inside the car, a green Audi.

The area is known as Palmer Park...and is known to be the gathering place of Detroit's transgender community. Four fatal incidents involving transgender women occurred in Palmer Park in 2014.

As usual the Wayne County medical examiner's office announced that a "male was shot" at the location. Then the ME's office identified the victim by what the Guardian calls "her biological name" (her biological name would be homo sapiens)...but i better known in our community as either her birth name or her "dead name."

The decision to misgender Monroe as male outraged trans advocates who knew the 20-year-old, saying it’s disrespectful, particularly in death.




"I'm going to kill this faggot" --12 year old in Orlando

A 12 year-old Orlando boy sneaked out of his grandmother's house last night...taking a gun he had stolen along with him.

Cheyenne West, a transgender woman who was walking down a street near the Citrus Bowl heard him talking into his cell phone. She heard him say "I'm going to kill this faggot," so she started to run.

She said she was running for her life but when she realized the shooter was out of bullets, she turned around and began chasing him.



At the crosswalk of haters and hate

Stephen E. Thompson is a 45 year-old man who was working as a DJ at a party thrown at Down Under Lounge in Omaha. His attire for the evening consisted of what has been called priestly garb: (a black Catholic shirt with priest collar and skinny skeleton jeans.

 photo barone_zps14zw6rq6.jpgKara Jeslyn Barone, 27, and a friend, both transgender women, needed to use the women's restroom that night. It turned out that Thompson's girlfriend, Dahlia Strange, needed to use the restroom at the same time.

These things happen...especially at bars.

Thompson went berserk. He began kicking at the door and tried to force his way in. Barone pushed him out and locked the door in order to keep him out. Strange finished her business and opened the door to leave. Thompson took the opportunity to punch Barone in the face...while calling her a "faggot" and other anti-gay slurs.




 photo Kc Haggard_zps4q2g49c8.jpgAround 2am Thursday K. c. Haggard was walking along a Fresno street when an SUV pulled up and engaged K.c. in conversation through the passenger side window. Suddenly the occupant of the vehicle reached out of it to stab K. c. in the neck...and then drove off. The murder was caught on video from a surveillance camera outside a tattoo parlor. I have chosen not to share that video.

Haggard was later pronounced dead at Community Regional Medical Center.

Fresno police described Haggard as a man named Kenton, even though K. c. was wearing a dress and cardigan and carrying a purse.

Fresno police Lt. Joe Gomez said the department refers to crime victims by their physiological sex and will only note a person’s transgender status if that information will help the investigation.

Gomez said investigators have received no information indicating that Haggard was transgender.

Gomez added that police also have no reason to believe that Haggard was killed because of appearance or possible transgender status.




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