Attribution and Copyright

Section 10: Attribution and Copyright

Copyright violation and plagiarism will not be tolerated on VOTS. Users found to be doing either are subject to smiting.

Users quoting material that is not their own, must provide a link or attribution to the source whenever possible. Use of blockquotes to set off the copied material is recommended.

Limited copying within the bounds of the doctrine of "fair use" is permitted. Quantity is evaluated relative to the length of the entire original and in light of the amount needed to serve a proper objective. A reasonable rule of thumb is that copying three paragraphs from a normal-length news article or editorial is acceptable. This, however, is not a safe harbor; therefore, users are expected to be familiar with the “fair use” doctrine and to abide by it. For more information, you can visit this site as well. The Admins reserve the right to edit or delete any post that, in their opinion, fails to do so.

Quotes from material appearing on Voices on the Square are allowed, so long as there is attribution. Reprints are allowed only by express permission of the original author.