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Priceman is told by those that have read his work that he is like a mixture of populist Jim Hightower and Keynesian Neo Chartalist economist James K. Galbraith. Since they both reside in TX where priceman grew up, this is fitting.

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a prophet on the burning shore

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A beer drinking lefty residing in Texas who spends way too much time on the internet. Cleans bathrooms, kitchens and floors. Loves her kids, dogs, husband and the Reverend Al Green. A concerned citizen and student of life.

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PhilJD: Radical journalist, anti-war agitator and coop organizer in a previous life, ancient numismatist in this one. DFH in both. I have zero confidence that the two party system will ever bring about a progressive America, but I always vote straight Dem anyway. Go figure.

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A middle aged man who sees the world as it is not as the propagandists wish it were seen. A man that believes delivering butter always trumps delivering bombs.

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I used to write often hoping to educate to persuade.  I now watch in some horror with little hope of affecting through writing.  I care about war crimes, drone strikes, the US Constitution and the rule of law, violent militarization, and the willful destruction of civil society.

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Spent most of my life in the Midwest; currently Illinois. Bounced around from Seattle, to Tampa, to San Jose, to other places I’d rather not talk about. Got a BA in Sociology, which of course is pretty much worthless in the job market. Then on to law school so I could “change the world”.

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How I was raised by my mom, via Walt Whitman:

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Raised way further north of the Mason-Dixon line and on a high fiber diet of Molsons and hockey sticks by a pack of ravenous wolves, I spent most of my time trying to find ski bunnies to keep the igloo warm.

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Minister of Snark.  Raised on a farm in Holland, nemesis once saw a tiny hole in the dike, and plugged until the authorities could fix it. Noticing another hole, he plugged that one too, then another and another, and well he ran out of fingers and toes.

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Tired of "reasonable liberalism" that accepts personality over policy, division over solidarity, and mocks the Republican base for voting against their interests yet supports corporatist Democrats who ignore the needs of the working class.

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I was born in Portland, OR in 1948 and raised grew up in poorer part of Lake Oswego. My first attempt at college at the University of Pennsylvania was less than successful due to personal issues that lead to a bit of a breakdown.

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Una didn't know she was being political when she challenged assumptions of perpetual growth or profit as the divine principle. These tenets simply didn't make sense to her.

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NY brit expat started her adult life by studying philosophy and psychology and switched to economics on the basis that she wanted to study reality. Luckily, she studied in an alternative economics department where she got her MA and PhD.

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Enigma of the intertubz. Blogger since April 2005. Site runner, franchise creator, writer, and gadfly. Entirely fictional, on good days I google better than my Cliffs Notes.

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I am a scientist, which makes me a geek, not a dork. I like unions, football, socialized medicine, and shirtless pictures of Jesse Metcalfe. I hate the Baltimore Ravens, bananas, and cheerleaders for austerity.

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I am a development and regional economist with a permanent residence in Northeast Ohio while presently living and working overseas.

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A radical refugee living in an increasingly fascist southwestern state seeking a community of people to develop socio-political, economic and cultural solutions to salvage what is decent in this country for the sake of the future.

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Does what she's told, doesn't complain.

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Con los pobres de la tierra
Quiero yo mi suerte echar
~José Martí

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A Siegel is dedicated to helping foster Energy Smart understanding, practices, and approaches in personal life, community and professional worlds, and beyond.

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Cassiodorus (490- ca. 585 CE) founded a monastery in the boot of Italy, collecting a sizable library in preparation for the dark ages to come.  His name is currently being borrowed by a professor of English who lives in California and who also hopes to keep what's good about civilization.

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Al is retired from the federal government and a Vietnam Era Veteran primarily interested in real justice, equality, morality and humanity.

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Fresh out of graduating from a near western Chicago suburban high school in 1979, Futbol Dad moved around the country trying to make a living as a musician.

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I'm a birth doula, single mom, zinester, and craftster in North Dakota.

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End of participation - March 16, 2013.


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Hit me up at [email protected]!

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I am a disgusted, miserable failure with no respect for authority; cheerful when you don't piss me off; past and future expat; big semicolon fan.

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