Moderation, Reporting Site Violations, and Sanctions

Section 3: Moderation, Reporting Site Violations, and Sanctions

  1. VOTS is not a community-moderated site per se. Users will have the ability, through buttons, to "Agree" and "Disagree" with comments, but comments will not be moderated by users. Moderation is the sole province of the site administrators, and any users who attempt to police site activity via their comments will be subject to sanction.
  2. Users may flag comments that they feel violate any of the site's policies. The moderators will review all flagged comments and take appropriate action. Please note that flagging is not to be used as a way of expressing disagreement with a comment; users who abuse the flagging function as a means of expressing disagreement with or of harassing other users will be subject to sanction.
  3. Violators of any of the policies cited in Section 2 or elsewhere in these policies are subject to sanctions that may include one or more of the following: a written warning, removal of offending post(s), temporary loss of user privileges ("suspension"), and/or permanent loss of user privileges ("smiting"). Sanctions are determined by the moderators. Please note that VOTS does not have a specific 'three strikes'-type policy. A user may be suspended or smitten on their first violation, if the offense is deemed serious enough.