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South Dakota governor pledges veto

Yesterday, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard pledged to veto a discriminatory bill that would restrict transgender students from accessing locker rooms and facilities that match their gender identity.

SB 115 was introduced this week even though Daugaard vetoed a similar bill last spring.

The legislation does not address any pressing issue concerning the school districts of South Dakota.

I haven’t heard one instance of a problem in this area. Not one. But we have seen major problems in North Carolina when a bill like this was enacted.




An identifier, not a diagnosis

The parliament of Denmark, on New Year's Day voted in favor of removing the stigma from being transgender..."separating them from association with words such as 'problem,' 'disorder,' or dysphoria.'"

Words matter. It was very important that terms like “incongruence,” “disturbance” and “problem” were left out of the code title used by the country’s medical community to track care.

The change makes it a code instead of a diagnosis.

--Linda Thor Pederson, LGBT Denmark




Mesha Caldwell was 41, a hair and makeup artist and a transgender woman. Two days ago her body was found along a road in Canton, Mississippi (Madison County). Coroner Alex Breeland did not deny that she had been shot to death. The incident has been ruled a homicide.

While there are limited details behind the shooting, police are currently investigating when the shooting happened, and a motive.



It's not "identity politics", but a stand for equal rights

The ACLU's Chase Strangio has written a state of the community report for transgender people and our allies.

Across the country, before state legislative sessions have even convened, lawmakers are making clear that transgender people will again be the relentless targets of discriminatory legislation.




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