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Something you can do

We are waiting for a decision by SCOTUS on whether it will hear the appeal by Gloucester County School District in the case G.G. v GCSD.

The school division filed a petition on Aug. 29 asking the high court to determine if it is violating federal law by refusing to allow Grimm access to the boys' restrooms. It will be one of the petitions discussed in this week's Friday conference, where the justices decide which cases to accept and which to reject.




Bad days in Birmingham

A transgender woman from High Point, NC was found shot to death in a Birmingham, AL motel this past Friday. She was then misgendered and dead-named by police and the news media.

Police Sgt. Bryan Shelton said investigators have no motive or suspect information.

This was a tragic end to a life. The key for us is to figure out the nature of the victim's relationship to the suspect prior to the shooting.




Conservative religious intend to make transgender existence unsustainable

Not content with challenging the right of transgender people to have safe use of public restrooms and the right of transgender students to have equal access to public education, religious conservatives have now filed suit challenging an Obama administration ruling that transgender people deserve equal access to medical treatment.



HUD regulations for transgender people in homeless shelters

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has been finalizing its rules for the treatment of transgender people in shelters and the new regulations are scheduled to be released in September.

The new regulations are expected to require homeless shelters that receive federal support to treat transgender people as members of the gender with which they identify.

Transgender women are women regardless of whether they were born male.

If you’re a transgender woman and you walk into a homeless shelter and they treat you like a man, it’s traumatizing. These people are already vulnerable, they’re homeless, they don’t have a job. To face discrimination the entire time they’re there is a real problem.

--David Stacy, Human Rights Campaign



Why Discriminate? Because they can

Anti-transgender discrimination is being defended in a couple of legal actions.

A federal judge in Detroit hears arguments today in the case of transgender funeral director Aimee Stevens against Harris Funeral Homes brought by the EEOC.

Attorney Doug Wardlow says "Stephens violated the company’s sex-specific dress code and that employees are simply asked to dress 'in a manner sensitive to grieving family members and friends.'"



BC soon to add gender identity to Human Rights Code

Equality news out of Canada from yesterday:

Attorney General Suzanne Anton said the BC Liberals will table the amendment in the upcoming summer legislative session, after years of lobbying by NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert and transgender advocacy groups.

In Canada-speak, "tabling an amendment" means "bring it to the table."

As British Columbians, we must ensure everyone in B.C., especially those most likely to face discrimination, are not only protected by the law, but feel they are protected and understand that they are protected.




It's not brain surgery, Ben

Really. I mean, I know that it is difficult for people who are not transgender to understand what it feels or means to be transgender, because it is a non-feeling to them, but Ben Carson purports to be the "smartest guy in the room."

But all he is proving is that he is the dumbest "smart guy" in Cleveland.

In an interview with The Hill newspaper, Carson felt it necessary to share his views on transgender. As is usually the case for Carson, his synapses appear not to be firing in good order at the time.





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