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Wherein I venture out onto a flimsy limb

I totally admit I am no legal scholar and therefore would be better off avoiding analysis of possible SCOTUS nominees, but I see that rightwing voices are not so adept at such self-knowledge and may need to have their motives questioned.

It says here that PEOTUS (emphasis on the pee) met with one of his short-listers for Scalia's seat on Saturday.



Anti-transgender legislation blocked in Indiana

HB 1361 was introduced in the Indiana legislature on Thursday. Its intent was to block transgender Indianans from updating their birth certificates.

The intent of this bill is to strip transgender people of the most basic and fundamental dignity.

HB 1361 seeks to deny the very existence of transgender people—with the cruel mandate that a transgender person’s birth certificate can never match the identity they live as and the person they have always known themselves to be.

--Freedom Indiana




Friday evening police were called to a Sioux Falls apartment building because a juvenile reported a strong odor emanating from a neighbor's apartment. Investigators discovered the body of Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, a 28-year-old transgender woman. She reportedly had been stabbed to death.

Ms. Wounded Arrow was an Oglala Lakota who grew up on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

A vigil was held outside the building on Saturday evening.

We need justice and we will get it.

I’m still in shock. I keep thinking she’s going to text me or come up here.

I always judge myself more severely than everyone around me. She made me feel like I could be myself.

--Franklin Whiting, Jr, friend and neighbor



First ever application of federal hate crime law re: trans

Josh Vallum, a highly placed member of the Latin Kings street gang, pleaded guilty yesterday in the first ever federal hate crime charge filed against the killer of a transgender person.

Vallum, 29, admitted he stabbed and beat to death Mercedes Williamson, 17, because she was transgender. Until now, Vallum had consistently denied killing her because of gender identity.



Opening the boutique: Legislative attacks on transgender people underway

I know some democrats have been blaming transgender people for the so-called bathroom bills, going so far as to blame them for the election of the Trump. If examined closely, however, one should be able to detect that all the transgender community has done to instigate those bills is to exist. The conservative forces take it upon themselves to advance such legislation, in hopes of forcing transgender people out of public life.




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