Appeals for Money

Section 8: Appeals for Money

  1. Political fundraising - Users may include links to sites such as Act Blue or other political fundraising sites in their posts and/or signatures, but posts written solely for the purpose of asking for money on behalf of candidates, political parties, PACs, or other political entities are not permitted.
  2. "Cause" fundraising - Making posts asking for support of non-profit organizations is permitted under the following conditions:
    1. Posts may not be made solely to appeal for money. Users may include appeals in articles/comments that are issue-based.
    2. Any posts asking for support of a nonprofit organization must include a link to that organization's website and must include verification of the organization's tax-exempt status (such as a link to its IRS determination letter or to its Form 990 tax return).
    3. Any such appeals are subject to the provisions of Section 5.
  3. Personal fundraising - In general, these are not permitted. These are hard times for many of us, and though we may want to help one another out of a pinch, the general areas of this blog are meant for the discussion of issues and policy. Personal fundraising is best left to personal communications. Users may request permission of the Admins to make personal fundraising appeals on behalf of themselves or others, but the Admins do not guarantee that permission will be granted.