Limitations on User IDs

Section 7: Limitations on User IDs

  1. Sock Puppets - the use of socks (sock puppets) is not allowed in general. Users who wish to create an alter ego for the purpose of posting a specific type of article, must contact Admin with their request. If approved, it will need to be disclosed in the sock’s profile that it is a sock of (user UID).
  2. Collaborative User IDs - collaborative UIDs for the purpose of allowing multiple users to post articles under a common name (for example, for a series of articles on a specific topic) must be pre-approved by the Admins. The collaborative UID’s profile must include the names of the users who post under the UID. Collaborative UIDs are not allowed to tip or recommend articles or comments. Collaborative UIDs found to be in violation of the site policies will be smitten.