Chronic Tonic: Just Smackin' My Gums...

Yep, it's me again, with a toothy (or rather lack thereof) update.

So I had my 4 molars that made up my upper right quadrant pulled last Tuesday. It was an exercise in pain and one in which I am still suffering the repercussions.

First, they called these extractions "simple" extractions as opposed to surgical. I'm thinking cool - cheaper and sounds easier. Well, apparently "simple is a bit of a misnomer.

The Doctor of Terror Dentist first numbed my gums. Now I have Fibromyalgia, so everything is more painful for me, but damn, those needles - AAAAACK! And then he went to work, or tried to. But still felt a LOT of pain so he did another round of numbing shots - in other nerves that I apparently have a plethora of in my mouth. Then he went to work, or thought so. But damn if all the nerves still weren't numb. So we did round three. There ended up being one damn nerve that he just couldn't get and he couldn't risk any more numbing, so on the tooth by that one - wow, that was painful.

Cuz I was clearly distressed after all the shots, they gave me a little spongy spaceman to squeeze. I flattened the hell out of that. :D

So then he finally got to work. Turns out, the only thing weak about my teeth is my enamel cuz those suckers were anchored in hard core. It took 2 hours to pull just 4 teeth and he had to cut a couple of them in pieces to get them out and even shaved a little bone. And of course, the hardest one to get out was right by that one unnumbed nerve.

I was thankful when it was over, though my face was hanging off my head and i felt like had botox treatment, lol. And I got pain pills.

The next day I luckily had off and boy did I need it! It was painful and sore. The pain pills also made me nauseous, but the nausea was worth it that day.

Now that it's a week later, the soreness is slowly wearing off. Not really sharp pain all the time any more; just a little of that still, mostly just sore pain. I had stitches along the gums that have gradually fallen out in the past couple days, but I can still feel jagged bone along the outer edge of the big damn hole in my jaw. Now I also have a small bone splinter that's loose and slowly working its way out and that's painful and sharp, and it takes active concentration to keep my damn wandering tongue from playing with the bone piece and the jagged law edge.

But I'm finally getting better thank gawd. And I'm learning how to smack my gums, lol! 

The floor is now yours...

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ahhhh - BTDT...

i feel ya - i never know how i get half the injuries i seem to get... hope you feel better soon!  :D

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Ouch, I'm sorry, my friend

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You went through quite a painful extraction and are still dealing with it. I am glad you are doing a little better. I hope you are able to get past this pain.

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I just got done moving.

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So everything hurts.

I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled in China. The doctor was able to numb my gums pretty well, and she pulled them at four separate meetings spread over two weeks.

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spreading it out now seems like an excellent idea...

and ouch - wisdom teeth - that's the brutal pull...

me - i hate the needles in the gums so i figured when it was cheaper than i thought - let's do it all at once - only have to get numbed once! heh. 

next time i do something that stupid - i will be either on nitrous or under general...  :o

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always get gas.

They try to talk you out of it, but it's much better.  

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