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Full-bore stupid

Two transgender, non-binary students in South Glenn Falls, NY were kicked off a school bus on Wednesday, just because they wanted to sit on the "boys side of the bus."

WTF???? Yes, You read that did I.

The driver of said bus decided...on his own...that school buses (at least the one he drive)...should be segregated by sex...boys on one side and girls on the other.



Perpetuating the bias in Ulster County

Ulster County is between Albany and New York City and contains the cities of Poughkeepsie and Kingston. A committee of the County Legislature has unanimously endorsed a resolution to schedule a July 11 public hearing on a proposed law to protect people from being discriminated against on the basis of their gender identity.



Hate Criminality

It's something one doesn't see every day. Well, the hate is often visible, but labeling an attack of a transgender person as a hate crime just doesn't happen all that much. Even when a trans woman, usually a trans woman of color, is murdered, investigators have this way of looking for other reasons as to why it happened. Often there is a blame-the-victim mentality.

Last Friday a New York man beat two transgender women in Jackson Heights, Queens as they attempted to enter a McDonald's.



Sunday Train: Is Cuomo Dragging His Feet on the Empire Rapid Rail Corridor?

It's been two and a half years since I started working full time for my University here in Beijing, and in that time, the frequency of the Sunday Train dropped from once a week a week with only the occasional missed week, to a few scattered runs during Semester breaks.

Back in January 2014, more than half a year before I started my job in Beijing, the Draft Tier I Environmental Impact Statement for the New York State Empire Corridor High Speed Rail study was signed off on by Joseph Szabo, then Administrator of the Federal Rail Authority. It was released with a comment period through to March 24, 2014.

So, let's catch up to the current state of play. As Albany's Times Union reported on 8 Oct, 2016:

Although the public comment period on the draft of the study ended April 30, 2014, the final environmental impact statement has yet to be released.

Now, the state Department of Transportation, which led the study, says it hopes to have the final document completed by the end of March, agency spokeswoman Jennifer Post said. The Federal Railroad Administration, at the state DOT's request, has extended the deadline to Sept. 30, 2017.

Well, then, haven't missed much. Join me for a look at what is up with the Empire Corrior, and why the NY DOT has been slow-walking the completion of this report, below the fold.




Transgender New Yorkers protected, for now

This past Wednesday New York's state Division of Human Rights adopted regulations proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in October that add transgender status to the list of factors protected by the state Human Rights Law, which was first adopted in 1945.

The Human Rights Law prohibits employers, businesses or housing providers from discriminating against someone based on a wide variety of factors, including age, race, creed and color.

Today we are sending the message loud and clear that New York will not stand for discrimination against transgender people. It is intolerable to allow harassment or discrimination against anyone, and the transgender community has been subjected to a second-class status for far too long.

The regulations make clear that the word “sex” refers not only to gender, but also “gender identity and the status of being transgender. Since the Human Rights Law prohibits discrimination based on sex or disability, the regulations make clear those protections apply to transgender individuals and those with gender dysphoria, too.

--Gov. Cuomo



Cuomo end-runs NY State Senate

This past Thursday evening, ay a dinner for the Empire State Pride Agenda Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that, through executive action, he had added transgender and gender nonconforming people to New York's Human Rights Law of 1945.

This action comes after the Republican-controlled State Senate once again failed to pass GENDA, New York's Fender Non-Discrimination Act. As in the past, the Act passed the Democratic-controlled Assembly only to find that it would not even receive a vote in the Senate.

The Human Rights Law protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of "age race, creed, natinoal origin, sexual orientation (SONDA passed in 2002), and sex in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodations, education, and credit.




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