Twelve-year-old PA kid's speech goes viral

Ari Bowman is 12. He lives in the Wast Penn School District in Lehigh County, PA.

Ninth-grader Sigourney Coyle spoke to the School Board against allowing transgender students to use facilities matching their gender identity on August 24, declaring that her bodily privacy would be violeated is she were required to disrobe in the presence of transgender students.



Just a person: the AP interview with Gavin Grimm

The case has been going on for months. It's labeled G.G. v Gloucester County School District, in the interest of the privacy of the transgender student who has none.

College applications and high school graduation are the biggest worries for most 17-year-olds. For Gavin Grimm, it's waiting for the nation's highest court to decide whether he can use the boys restroom.

School starts this week for Gavin.



A National Voice

At some point today, Sarah McBride will speak for five minutes on the stage of the DNC and become the first transgender person to speak to a major party convention.

Preparatory to that event, Sarah spoke yesterday to Katie Couric of Yahoo news and Katy Steinmetz of Time magazine.

I am moved and inspired that there will be a chance for someone on a stage at a national convention to say that they are a transgender person. And my hope is that for anyone who is watching, who worries that their dreams and their identity are mutually exclusive, who worry about whether they can be accepted and succeed as who they are, that they can find some comfort and some hope in the fact that a person will be standing on that stage saying those words.




Look past pink and blue

 photo bathroomAlisha_zps36bzzbbh.jpgThe title of this diary is also the title of a new campaign in New York City informing NYC's residents and visitors that they may use the restroom consistent with their identity.

With people comparing us to dogs,and saying we need to use whatever bushes and trees we can find for privacy, the campaign is very welcome.

The new campaign, which officials debuted Monday, includes real life transgender New Yorkers and tells people to "look past pink and blue" and to "use the restroom consistent with who you are."



Trans United Fund releases first ad; Plus Story addenda

The new transgender advocacy organization Trans United Fund has released its first pro-transgender advertisement:

The video is entitled Meet My Child, and it features three transgender children and their mothers.

Trans United Fund was founded on the conviction that nothing is more transformative than trans people and our families sharing their lives authentically. For too long, the voices of bullies who play to the public's worst fears and demonize our community have been the loudest. For too long, trans people and our families have been kept out of the spotlight for fear that the truth of our lives would be 'off message.' This ad shares the story of three incredibly loving mothers and their children. The story of a mother's love, dreams and hopes for her children and fierce commitment to protect them is something that all Americans understand.

This video was directed by Melissa Ragan.









Carving space for herself

When Summer Luk was a student at Biola University , she was forced to sign a contract promising not to drink, party, or have sex...and of course, definitely not to be transgender. The Hong Kong native has now transferred to NYU, has been able to come out to her professors as who she is, has interned for GLAAD, and the music major has written and recorded an original song, now made into a video directed by Laura Camarena and featuring a diverse group of transgender people.

The lyric video explores the performative nature of gender, the difficulties of navigating the legal system and finding a place where transgender people are protected as citizens against prejudice, discrimination and hate-motivated violence. By including transgender people who are of different races, ages, faiths, and stages in their transition this video showcases the huge spectrum that exists within the community.

--Summer Luk




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