Every breath a trans person takes is an act of revolution

The title is the quote of a statement by Lordes Ashley Hunter of the Trans Women of Color Collective.

With the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots happening in 6 days, it is time to review some history.





Whatever people think is shocking about transgender people's lives is nothing compared to the injustice we have to face every freakin' day.

--Jennifer Finney Boylan



Come out. Be visible. Don't be miserable.

 photo Bailar_zpsdfwimghf.jpgWhen Schuyler Bailar swims in his first meet for Harvard in the fall, it will be historic. Schuyler will become the first transgender swimmer in NCAA history.

Schuyler, who is transitioning from female to male is featured in the current issue of Swimming World magazine.

Before he transitioned Bailar was part of the 15-18 US National Age Group record-setting Nation's Capital Swim Club team in the girls 400-yard medley relay in 2013. Also on that team was World Swimmer of the Year and Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky.

Following his high school graduation in 2014, Bailar began his physical gender transition: female to male. There was never a specific moment when he knew that he was transgender.

It sort of just all came together over time as I stopped fighting myself and my identity.




Kyler's Mom calls for change

I wrote about Kyler on Tuesday: Sometimes life gets too hard

Kyler's mother has decided to use Kyler's painful passing as an instrument to create change.

The passing of my son was the most devastating, terrible thing that could ever happen to any parent. But I want to use my pain now to help make change for the better and to help spread support, understanding and awareness trans youth and their families need.

--Katherine Prescott









Miley Cyrus? Really?

 photo prism_zpsdmci5cay.jpgPerhaps I should start off with a personal note. When I was living in Arkansas after my transition, I used to run a LGBT group out of my home: Conway Prism. Although the group was mainly advertised as a gay-friendly atmosphere, we were open to anyone who wanted to attend and respect everyone else who was there. Someone once ask me what the point of it was. My response was that I wanted everyone to become a member.

 photo Cyrus_zpskxfojncb.jpgIt appears that philosophy may undergo some testing.

A week ago, Cyrus announced the beginning of her Happy Hippie Foundation, which is designed to help homeless and other at risk LGBT youth.

At the event, Cyrus also announced that not all of her past relationships have been heterosexual...and that she sees herself as being "gender fluid."

Cyrus says she was resentful that she was a girl.




SAVE Champions of Equality

 photo fl-arianna-lint-jpg-20131226_zpsaacm9dg6.jpgLast Friday, SAVE, a South Florida LGBT Equality group, presented its 2015 Campions of Equality recipients. This years recipients were Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, donor services director for GLAAD, Arianna Lint, transgender services director at Sunserve, Mark Rosenberg, president of Florida International University, and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.



UK Election Results: Fear Wins in England, Hope wins in Scotland

In many quarters of US political discussion, the headline "big news" about the UK election that took place on Thursday, 7 May 2015 was that the POLLSTERS WERE WRONG!!!!.

Predictions (for a brief explanation of the parties, see below the fold): predicted, with 323 required to survive a confidence vote:

  • On the right, Tory 278 + DUP 8 + UKIP 1 = 287
  • In the Center, the Liberal Democrats with 27
  • On the left, Labour 267 + SNP 53 + SDLP 3 + Plaid Cymru 3 + Green 1 = 327


  • On the right: Tory with 331, forming a majority government, + DUP 8 + UUP 2 + UKIP 1 = 342
  • In the Center, the Liberal Democrats with 8
  • On the left, Labour 232 + SNP 56 + SDLP 3 + Plaid Cymru 3 + Green 1 = 295

For Economic Populists, the biggest headlines is that the party with the strongest anti-austerity message, the Scottish National Party, won the biggest victory of its political life, just a year after it lost a defeat on its signature issue ... while the traditional main left-of-center party of the UK, the Labour Party, saw pre-election, poll-inspired hope of an "anti-Tory majority" leading to a Labour minority government dashed.

Which is a story of hope and fear, if you join me under the fold.




OSHA partners with NCTE re: transgender worker safety

OSHA and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) have entered into an alliance to promote gender-appropriate restroom access.

The agreement, signed April 27, is part of a larger OSHA program to partner with groups "committed to worker safety and health to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses."



Free Nicoll

Nicoll Hernández-Polanco tried to enter this country twice when she was 17. The Guatemalan native was caught and deported.

In October of 2014, Nicoll again crossed the Sonora desert to the Arizona border. This time she turned herself in and asked for asylum. Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries in the Western Hemisphere for transgender women, battling for second with Honduras behind Brazil.

Having experienced about a decade of sexual and physical abuse in Guatemala and then Mexico, ICE threw the new fish into the shark tank that is their Florence, AZ all-male detention center. Since she has been there she has been assaulted by another detainee, forced to shower with men, verbally abused by both the guards and the other inmates, and placed in solitary confinement for standing up for herself.

Mariposas Sin Fronteras (Butterflies without borders), the Transgender Law Center, and other LGBT and immigration rights advocates have been fighting for her release...for an end to the torture...but ICE refuses to budge. In their eyes, her deportation is a priority because of her two previous deportations.




 photo tc1.jpgOn this International Day of Transgender Visibility dueling manifestos have apparently broken out. I've always been a bit wary of manifestos as a general rule, but I suppose they have their place.

In Great Britain (or anywhere) a coming together of the various and sundry transgender constituencies for any purpose is a great feat indeed, but they did so in late 2013, in hopes of creating a bit of focus.

My view about four or five years ago was that protection trans people had in the law exceeded the societal understanding of trans issues but it wouldn’t take very much for that situation to be reversed. I think we’re now at that point. People now understand a lot more about trans issues because of the general publicity. The law is trying to progress, but it’s not progressing anything like as fast as the social understanding.

--Helen Belcher, LGBT Consortium was launched yesterday. It "allows users to view which candidates have indicated their support for the Trans Manifesto, and those who have declined it."





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