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TSA says they Care

The TSA has released a new video which it claims is guidance for transgender passengers about screenings at airport security.

The TSA claims it is for our "comfort and awareness."

That’s the TSA’s way of saying it recognizes that transgender travelers “have questions and concerns” when it comes to screening procedures.

Ensure the information on your boarding pass matches your government issued ID.

You know, I have never noticed a gender marker on a boarding pass.



Danger in Michigan

Analysis of the 2015 US Transgender Survey has revealed that Michigan is not such a good place for transgender people to live. That survey was the largest ever conducted that concerned transgender people, drawing 27715 respondents, 894 of whom were Michigan residents.

Seventy-nine percent of transgender Michigan residents reported being mistreated (verbal harassment, physical assault, or sexual assault) between kindergarten and 12th grade.

These are not individual problems. This is a statewide problem.



Transgender kids: What do they know and when do they know it?

Gender may be the earliest identity and social category to emerge in development, research suggests, and acquiring knowledge about one's gender is considered a critical part of early childhood development. In one of the first examinations of early gender development among transgender preschoolers, a new study has found that these children were just as likely as nontransgender children to have preferences associated with their gender, and to have as strong and clear a sense of their gender identity.



Too Young?

When I write about the plight of transgender kids, it is not unusual to encounter a comment or two from people who think it necessary to share their opinion that it is impossible for a child younger than 5 to know his gender.

It is also not unusual to encounter articles by people with little to no experience working with transgender kids expressing the same or similar opinion.




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