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Transgender athletes

Even people who otherwise support transgender equality often draw the line at transgender women competing against cisgender women. We have a couple of new opinions expressed lately. What makes these more unusual than most is that they are grounded in science.

Steven Petrow investigates at Washington Post.

This charged debate is timely because of a landmark rule change instituted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) this year. In Rio, transgender men (female-to-male athletes) will be allowed to compete without any restrictions (based on the sexist assumption, I suppose, that trans men could never dominate their sports). Trans women, meanwhile, are no longer required to undergo gender-reassignment surgery to compete in female divisions, and the previously mandated two-year wait after transitioning has been jettisoned.



Gender at the Olympics

Opening Ceremonies at the 2016 Olympics in Rio are this evening at Maracana Stadium...even though we are already through two days of Soccer competition.

The show was produced by film director Fernando Meirelles (City of God).

I hope that the Opening Ceremony will be a drug for depression in Brazil.


Rumors are flying. Some of them are true.

Lots of samba and bossa nova. Lots of dancers. Mrs. Tom Brady, Brazilian super model Giselle Bundchen as the Girl from Ipanema.



Interesting(?) Factoid

Yesterday a commenter tried to lay the creation of transgender identity at the feet of "a loving mommy" who encourages a little boy to play with make-up, nail polish, and cross-dressing while "disparaging male boding activities with a daddy she resents."

This ticked me way the Hell off. Not only does it completely ignore the existence of trans males, it has absolutely no scientific foundation.

Doctors at Boston Children's Hospital combed through their patient records and discovered that 8.2% of the young people treated at the clinic between 2007 and 2015 were being raised by adoptive families. This compares to a rate for the general public of 2.3%.



Before the Beginning

In the Beginning
Was the Light
And the Light was With God
And the Light was God

World Without End, Amen. Ah, men.

Ah, womyn.
Why must you always set it right?
Why must you always cross the borders in the middle of the night

Before the beginning
You were the Heavens and the Earth
You were the fire in the hearth
And you were born to cross the border in the middle of my heart




Which chromosome brings the hate?

 photo XY_zpspubtmgt8.jpgOf course you are aware that around the country there are legislative efforts to force transgender people to use the bathroom and locker rooms reserved for the sex we were assigned at birth. In some places, it is phrased rather as requiring those facilities to be segregated by chromosomes.

Awkward, that. As a society, we have never determined assignment of sex at birth by a test of chromosomes. I'm 68 years old and, as far as I know, I have never had my chromosomes tested. Ever.

I find it stranger still that the forces calling for this anti-transgender discrimination have such little regard for science in general. These are people who believe the universe was created between 6000 and 7000 years ago, that a woman was created from the rib of a man, and that Jesus rode to Sunday School on the back of a dinosaur.



Oregon Judge allows "non-binary" sex option

Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Amy Holmes Hehn ruled Friday that Jamie Shupe's legal sex would be changed from female to non-binary.

It's really exciting for the courts to actually recognize what we know to be true: gender is a spectrum. Some people don't identify as male or female.

--Nancy Hacque, Basic Rights Oregon



That's not funny

The Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman explains the problem with jokes about being transgender.

When I was a lad, I often heard jokes about blacks, Latinos and gays, who were regarded as amusing because of their supposed inferiority and defectiveness. Today most people would be embarrassed and offended by such humor. But, at least in some places, there is one group that is still a safe source of yuks: transgender people.





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