Kenosha transgender teen wins two rulings

US District Judge Pamela Pepper on Monday rejected a motion by the Kenosha Unified School District to dismiss the case brought by Ashton Whitaker accusing the district of discriminating against him. On Tuesday Pepper issued a temporary restraining order barring the district from enforcing its policy prohibiting Whitaker from using the boys' restroom while the case is pending.



Minnesota high school sued because transgender girl acts like a girl

Some parents are up in arms in Virginia Minnesota, so much so that they have contacted the so-called Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF has filed another lawsuit against a high school for repecting the needs of a transgender student.

But this one tops the plethora of similar cases ADF has pooped across the country.



Speaking up to the fear mongers

In the face of adults in positions of responsibility who were questioning the wisdom of recently adopted guidelines meant to assure the safety and well-being of transgender students in Anne Arundel County, MD, a student rose to speak.

Scott Howarth is a student at Anne Arundel High School and current president of the Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils.



Virginia schoolboard to SCOTUS: If we aren't allowed to discriminate against transgender students, then we won't be able to discriminate against them

Gloucester County School Board filed its petition with the Supreme Court to hear its appeal of the Fourth Circuit ruling in favor of Gavin Grimm (G.G. in court documents) on Monday.



Teacher Unions endorse support for trans students

The American Federation of Teachers , meeting in Minneapolis this past week, passed a resolution in support of LGBTQ students and staff.

The resolution is called School Safety and Educational Opportunity for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning Students

As chair of the AFT’s Pride Caucus and a national board member of Pride at Work the fact that my union and America’s teachers are dedicating themselves to protecting students based on sexual orientation and gender identity means a lot.

--Pat Crispino



Dorchester County, SC, School District settles discrimination case

The US DoE's Office of Civil Rights yesterday announced that Dorchester County School District Two in South Carolina has entered into a voluntary agreement to stop discriminating against a transgender elementary school student. THE OCR had found that the district was in violation of Title IX's prohibition on sex-based discrimination.

I commend Dorchester County School District Two for committing to protect the civil rights of all students and ensuring that all students have equal access to education programs and activities.

--Catherine E. Lhamon, assistant secretary for civil rights



From the Principals

Michael Allison is president of the National Association of Secondary School Principals. He is principal of a high school in Pennsylvania.

He has written an opinion essay at

While it was brave of Mr. Allison to take the message to the enemy camp, I would keep the women and children away from any responsive commentary.

The public debate about whether to uphold the rights of transgender students rings hollow to school leaders, who commit to seeing each unique child and creating the school conditions in which each child can succeed. That commitment is not limited just to students who look or behave in ways our culture labels normal. It’s for all kids.

We can’t ignore the research that reveals transgender students are more likely to feel unsafe and be victimized in school. And fear for their safety causes one in three of these students to miss at least one day of school each month. The research links a 90 percent school attendance rate closely to academic success, so more absences means less learning, lower grades, and a smaller chance of success after high school. In short, kids who live in fear don’t learn very well.

In light of these details, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NAASP) on May 5 adopted a position in support of the rights of transgender students and requesting the federal government to clarify the law.



Rhode Island Catholic Day School reverses exclusion of trans students

Mount Saint Charles Academy is a catholic junior/senior high school in Woonsocket, Rhode Island run by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

A week ago concerned alumni noticed that since October of last year, the parent-student handbook included the following, without any explanation:

Mount Saint Charles Academy is unable to make accommodations for transgender students. Therefore, MSC does not accept transgender students nor is MSC able to continue to enroll students who identify as transgender.

Transgender status was, in fact, the only stated exclusion listed in the handbook.



Trans boy suspending for using the boys room in South Carolina

It's South Carolina, so don't expect a happy ending.

When the boy, who wishes to remain anonymous, began transitioning when he was in middle school, girls complained that there was a boy in their bathroom. So he was allowed to use the boys room. He did that for three years without incident.

Then the boy moved on to Socastee High School. Again, no problem for three years.

One day a male teacher was leaving the boys restroom while the boy was entering.

No word on what the hell the adult teacher was doing in the boys room.

He must’ve looked at his records and saw the sex on his records because that’s the only way he could’ve known.

--the boy's mother

Instead of the teacher being told by the administration to butt out, the boy was called in to the office and told he must use the girls bathroom or go to the nurse's office.

If he started using the girl’s bathroom in 12th grade, it’s going to create a problem. I felt like that would be dangerous.

The nurse’s office is downstairs on the first floor of the school and the school has three stories.





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