Transgender protections pass at FCPS as hate erupts

 photo Hasselbeck_transphobic_zpsm3opwkmc.jpgAfter days of rightwing rabble rousing, the rabble showed up at a business meeting of the Fairfax Public School board on Thursday held at Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church. FCPS is the largest school district in Virginia and tenth largest in the country.

Here's some discussion from a meeting in April:




Suicide High School

Really, things had been going pretty well.

Smith College opens its doors to transgender women.

A Utah school selected a transgender prom queen

The New York Times started their Transgender Project

OSHA partners with NCTE re: transgender worker safety

Even Hillary Clinton makes transgender immigrants a campaign issue

I don’t think we should, you know, put children and vulnerable people into big detention facilities because I think they are at risk. I think their physical and mental health are at risk. 


 photo Mafia Boss_zpslvafhzmc.jpgIt couldn't last, I guess.

Cameron Langrell was 15 and attending Horlick High School in Racine, WI when she posted to facebook his coming out as transgender. She also wrote that he was dating a boy. And she changed her profile gender to female.

A few days later Cameron was dead.



Smith Trustees: Transgender women are women

 photo Smith-College-1304BDE8_zpsbuerja9a.jpgThe Smith College board of trustees has voted to accept that transgender women are women.

The shift to a self-identification admissions policy at the women’s college in Northampton goes into effect for students submitting applications this fall. The decision was revealed Saturday afternoon in a message to students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumnae.

Under the new admissions policy, applicants who were born male but identify as women are eligible for admission. Applicants must select “female” on the Common Application to be considered.

From the civil rights perspective, we’re saying trans women are women. What we’re doing here is really affirming that we’re a women’s college and we have an unwavering mission and identity as a women’s college.

--Smith College President Kathleen McCartney

Our clarified admission policy reflects a women's college that is steadfast in its founding mission yet evolving to reflect a changing world.

--Smith announcement

The move follows the leads of Mills College in California, and Wellesley, Mount Holyoke and Simmons Colleges in Massachusetts and Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania.



School Days

The Sodus, NY Central School District has decided to honor a request by a transgender student to use the girl's bathroom and locker room.

After a series of adults spoke against a transgender girl sharing facilities with their children, Jennifer Surridge stood up to speak. A hush fell over the proceedings.





My daughter has a civil right to be in the bathroom that she gender identifies with. And your children have the same right to be in the bathroom that they gender identify with. If they choose to leave that's a choice- my daughter is not choosing. She just is.

For years, since she was 3 or 4, she has told me she was a girl and I wasn't excepting. I didn't understand and agree with any of it because I didn't get it.

--Jennifer Surridge



"Othering" the trans kids in Nevada

The Nevada Assembly Judiciary Committee went out of their way to resurrect and pass a bill which had been idle in the Education Committee for a month.

Disgraced former Speaker Elect Ira Hansen is Chair of the Judiciary Committee, which is dominated by conservative Republicans.

Hansen stepped down as incoming speaker last November after his history of racist and sexist writings was revealed.

Assembly Bill 375 will now go on to the full Assembly after passing on a party-line vote.



Battle of the Bathroom at Boise South

 photo DW_zpsqu3gsxyk.jpgDW Trantham is a 13-year-old trans girl, a junior high school student at South Junior High School in Boise.

DW has fought for her rights as a transgender girl...including using a bathroom. When her school relented, citing a communication from the US Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, parents Pauline Adams and Jacob Smith withdrew their child from South.



OK. Do let us think about the children

Everyone knows the right wing oratory. When it comes time to adress LGBT...especially T, rights, the religious conservatives are all, "Think about thew children!"

I do. All the f'ing time!

Let's think about some of the children whose stories I have recently run across, shall we?

Let's think about Tom Sosnik.



For a while, I dismissed the fact that I hated my body. I pretended to be content with what I was assigned until, at a certain point, I broke.

I went through a series of horrible breakdowns. And I would stand under the water in the shower crying. I knew I wasn't happy.

I am no longer Mia. I never really was. And now I finally stand before you in my true and authentic gender identity as Tom. I stand before you as a thirteen-year-old boy.

I really hope that you all will support my decision to embark on a harder route in life as the boy I truly am. Any form of support I receive with much gratitude and I hope that everyone can really support me because you guys are like my second family. And if you support me, I'll feel like the luckiest boy in the world. Thank you for letting me share my story.

In my heart, I am still the same person. Whether you like that person or not, it’s me.




Gender Prison: DoE issues Title IX guidelines on single-sex classes

Yesterday the Department of Education issued guidelines (36 pages) instructing schools which accept federal funding how to treat transgender students with regard to single-sex classes.

Although Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded education programs and activities, regulations issued by the Department authorize schools to offer single- sex classes or extracurricular activities under certain circumstances. In order to ensure that schools subject to Title IX comply with the Department’s requirements if they choose to offer single-sex classes and extracurricular activities, OCR provides the following responses to questions that schools should consider when assessing their compliance with Title IX. Although this document focuses on single-sex classes, some of the legal principles will also apply to single-sex schools. In order to gain a complete understanding of these legal requirements and recommendations, this document should be read in full.

--Catherine Lhamon, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights




Mills becomes first single-sex college to admit transgender students

 photo mills_hall_oakland_ca_zps049e50bf.jpgMills College in Oakland, CA has become the first single-sex institute of higher education to admit transgender students. Opened 162 years ago Mills will now welcome anyone who identifies as female into its all-women undergraduate program.

Mills is now the only one of the 119 single-sex colleges in the United States to have an official policy accepting transgender applicants. The new policy takes effect for the first time tomorrow, when the new semester starts.

The new policy allows for anyone who self-identifies as a woman to apply to the school, including trans women, people identified as female at birth but “do not fit into the gender binary," and women who have not yet legally transitioned to the male gender but may plan to at some point. Women who transition to male after enrolling may stay and graduate.



We were the first women’s college west of the Rockies. We were the first women’s college to have a computer science program. This is just another in many firsts.

--Mills President Alecia DeCoudreaux




Louisville principal protects rights of transgender freshman

There was a problem at Atherton High School in Louisville, KY. As usual the cause of the problem was mostly identified as being a transgender student.

From the point of view of us transpeople, the problem is generally with those who cannot adapt to our existence and presence.

Principal Dr. Thomas Aberli had made a decision to allow a transgirl student to use one of the girls restrooms and girls locker rooms. According to reports this prompted complaints from parents and students. From past experience, I would hazard a guess that it was more parents than students with a problem.

On Thursday the school administration adopted a new non-discrimination policy which adds "gender identity" to the list of factors protected to the districtwide previous policy.



Advocates for the transgirl said the decision supported transgender students and were in line with the extension of Title IX protections to trans students by the DoE Office of Civil Rights.

Michael Aldridge of the Kentucky ACLU said the new policy "helps these students know their rights are protected."




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