Positive fictional portrayals have influence

Researchers at the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism claim the following:

Watching transgender characters on fictional TV shows has the power to influence attitudes toward transgender people and policy issues.

The research was published in the Springer Journal Sex Roles and further highlights the ways political ideology shapes viewer responses to transgender depictions in entertainment.



Fake News

Conservative blogs have been having themselves some lols at the expense of Buzzfeed and transgender people.

A right wing troll named Sly Buehl Rigilio and his trolling group Rigatoni Family tried to enter the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5-on-5 Female Open Summer 2017 tournament hosted by ESL and conducted by Munich Finest Gaming.

They received an email:



Whoopi on transgender rights

Whoopi Goldberg is the executive producer of the Oxygen reality show Strut, which features transgender people who want to be models. On Saturday she accepted the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Reality Program.

At the end of her acceptance speech, Goldberg thanked TV network Oxygen for taking a chance on her transgender modeling show, which she said "scared the s--t out of everybody else.

The reason it scared people was because everyone had expectations about what 'transgender' meant, as opposed to saying 'Oh, it's just another person.'




Varner fired

Again, not really my cuppa, but it's dominating the transgender community news

It turns out that being tossed off the island on Survivor wasn't enough.

Jeff Varner returned home to Greensboro, NC after his public outing of transgender man Zeke Smith during Survivor Tribal Council which was aired this past week. But his life has not returned to normal.



Real Moms

Dove has a new ad campaign about how to be a mother.

The theme of the campaign is:

There's no right or wrong way to be a mom -- only your way.

A hell of a lot of people disagree with that statement.

The advertisement displays mothers break dancing, rock climbing, farming, raising a child alone, even being transgender.

Shea is a graduate student. She has a woman partner.



Public outing on national television

I don't watch reality television. I think I accidentally saw about a minute of Survivor last night before I found the remote and switched to PBS' Nature.

As far as I can tell, reality shows like Survivor are a cess pit of mean people displaying their meanness to win a stupid game...and the money and "prestige" that our warped economic environment deems that to be worth.




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