Varner fired

Again, not really my cuppa, but it's dominating the transgender community news

It turns out that being tossed off the island on Survivor wasn't enough.

Jeff Varner returned home to Greensboro, NC after his public outing of transgender man Zeke Smith during Survivor Tribal Council which was aired this past week. But his life has not returned to normal.



Real Moms

Dove has a new ad campaign about how to be a mother.

The theme of the campaign is:

There's no right or wrong way to be a mom -- only your way.

A hell of a lot of people disagree with that statement.

The advertisement displays mothers break dancing, rock climbing, farming, raising a child alone, even being transgender.

Shea is a graduate student. She has a woman partner.



Public outing on national television

I don't watch reality television. I think I accidentally saw about a minute of Survivor last night before I found the remote and switched to PBS' Nature.

As far as I can tell, reality shows like Survivor are a cess pit of mean people displaying their meanness to win a stupid game...and the money and "prestige" that our warped economic environment deems that to be worth.




I usually post earlier in the day, but I had an appointment with my doctor. I was running out of my pills. I take 11 per day. :-(

I decided rather late today to post something. It's my birthday, after all.

69. Never thought I would see this. But here it is.

Got some videos for you to view.











GLAAD's annual media report

There was good news and bad news in GLAAD's annual media report.

The LGBTQ-focused annual report — now in its 21st year — found record highs for transgender characters as well as black series regular characters on the small screen during the 2016-17 broadcast season. That's factoring in original series on broadcast, cable, premium cable as well as streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.



Judging Morality

We don't usually turn to Nashville based evangelical firm LifeWay Research for good news of any sort.

But LifeWay has surveyed 1000 Americans and found that nearly 60% do not believe that it is morally wrong for someone to identify with a gender different than the one usually associated with the one assigned at birth. And the majority do not believe that it is morally wrong to change one's body to match one's gender identity by taking hormones or having surgery.

A majority of Americans reject the view of a creator giving them a gender that shouldn’t be changed.

--Scott McConnell, LifeWay Executive Director



Gone viral

14-year-old Corey Maison was badly bullied in 5th grade. One bully even told her that if she killed herself, nobody would care. Why did he do this? Because Corey was different.

Corey shows in her video that she never fit in with her peers when she was younger. She was shunned by girls and teased by boys, and even laughed at by adults later on.

Corey tells her story in the following viral video:







A Republican thing, not a southern thing

It's easy to come to the conclusion that attacking transgender people is a "southern thing," but that's not true. It's a Republican thing...a Daddy Party thing.

In real life situations, transgender kids most often find more support from their mothers than they do from their fathers. Fathers tend to have real problems with gender concepts.

In Warwick Rhode Island, transgender girl at Pilgrim High School who has been attacked on social media by a former Republican candidate for mayor because the school administration is allowing her to use facilities which accord with her gender identity.



The Cost of Visibility

Yesterday was International Transgender Day of Visibility. I've had some concern with the existence of a single day for that. I pretty much try to make transgender issues and/or people visible every day.

In honor of the event, there were some special presentations.

In the UK, the beautiful people put together a video.

The video was produced by Jake Graf of the Danish Girl and features model Laith Ashley, blogger Evie Andrew, YouTube veteran Kieran Maloney, DJ/model Munroe Bergdorf and British Army Officer Captain Hannah Winterbourne:









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