Global News, January 20, 2013

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From Spain……

Government to Fund Wind-Power Plant

Spain has been wrecked by the world wide economic collapse and the implementation of the EU’s disastrous austerity measures.  It’s nice to finally see some good news out of Spain.  The Spanish government has decided to finish funding a wind-power plant project located on the Canary Island of El Hierro.  When finished, the plant will supply 80% of the energy needs for the island’s 10,000 inhabitants.  Additional Bonus: Read the article to find out what sad secret was contained in the WikiLeaks regarding Spain’s energy needs and American financing.


France Not Pleased with Level of Spanish Aid for Mali Fight

France is not pleased with the level of logistical support that Spain has contributed to France’s military operation in Mali.  Perhaps the French military is unaware of the devastation that austerity has caused Spain?  Quelle surprise! No matter what economic crisis a country is facing, it can always find money for the military. 



From Malaysia……

Malaysia Passes Minimum Wage Law

Progress is rarely as simple as doing the right thing because it is the right thing.  Sometimes, the right thing is done for the wrong reasons.  Malaysia has passed a minimum wage law.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that it seems to have been passed for some less than progressive reasons.  This article is far too short; however, a Malaysian government minister says that the minimum wage will, “avoid the unnecessary hiring of foreign workers.”  All around the world it seems that people hate immigrant labor. 



From Greece……

New Austerity Measures Pass

A very small majority of lawmakers passed new austerity measures.  As part of a previous EU-IMF loan agreement, the new austerity measures had to be passed before a loan installment of 31 billion Euros would be released. It’s worth remembering that as of November 2012, Greece was dealing with 25% unemployment. 



From Serbia……

Serbia and Croatia Make Progress on Genocide Lawsuits

I am not sure if there are two countries on the planet that are more hostile towards each than Serbia and Croatia.  Both countries have lawsuits, related to their bitter war, scheduled to be heard in 2014 before the International Court of Justice.   The countries have a long tumultuous history that is marked with war, ‘ethnic cleansing’ and periods of uneasy peace. 

Serbian President and Prime Minister Exchange Words

The countries appeared to be headed towards improved relations, until they were in the same room with each other. 


From Taiwan……

Japan Warns China to Not Violate Airspace of Disputed Islands

Japan and China are both ramping up the rhetoric in their continuing dispute over the Diaoyutai Islands.  For clarification, the islands are called the Senkaku by the Japanese, Diaoyu by the Chinese, and the Diaoyutai by the Taiwanese.  Recently, Chinese fighter jets tailed Japanese warplanes as they flew over the islands.  Tokyo responded that such actions in the future could be met by warning shots from Japanese planes.   The islands are not inhabited; however, oil reserves might exist under the islands.    





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because the American media is just awful

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Global roundup of news that you might not have seen between the feverish reporting of Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o.

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This is an understatement.

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the feverish reporting of Lance Armstrong

It started days before the airing of the interview.  Uneffinbelievable.   And Lance's doping affects millions of lives how exactly? 


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the duplicitousness of Armstrong and the Duping of Te'o

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One is an old cheater and the other is a young man who was either the victim of a cruel hoax or took part in a hoax.  Either way, I just don't really care.  I'm not saying that there is not room for filler news, however, these 2 stories were treated as earth shattering news.  Seriously?  The amount of coverage for Mali has been miniscule compared to the coverage given these 2 athletes.

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no comments on the WikiLeaks issue?

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I thought that the WikiLeaks revelation was very interesting.  It's sad that this type of information came about only as a result of the WikiLeaks dump.  Transparency is a good thing.   

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