Kasich gets likely deciding 'yes' vote on Medicaid expansion, amid GOP drama

Chrissie Thompson, reporting for the Bucyrus DailyTelegraph: "So Batchelder has made permanent replacements for both Amstutz and Rosenberger, according to GOP caucus spokesman Mike Dittoe. The state representatives both were expected to vote against Kasich’s request. In their place are Rep. Ross McGregor, R-Springfield, who says he plans to vote in favor of the governor’s plan, and Rep. Jeff McClain, R-Upper Sandusky, who is the required replacement for Amstutz as vice chairman of the House Finance Committee. McClain told The Enquirer he plans to vote against the proposal.

The decision to appoint McGregor as a replacement gives Kasich the four votes he needs to make Ohio the 25th state to expand Medicaid under President Barack Obama’s health care act."


Note that Kasich is twisting arms and using a loophole passed into Ohio law a while back to give the Governor flexibility in coping with Congressional changes to Medicaid, because under the Ohio issue process, if Medicaid is not expanded, a statewide issue could accomplish the expansion. And that would be on the ballot the same election the increasingly unpopular Kasich is running for re-election, so he didn't want to see a "Medicaid Expansion Electorate" show up to the polls next year.



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