Chronic Tonic: Fun With Fibromyalgia!

Yes! It's Tonic Time Again!

This week I'm dealing with one of those regally crappy oh so much fun aspects of Fibromyalgia, lucky girl that I am!

I am the classic princess and the pea. I can feel every single bump in my mattress, every last wrinkle in the sheets, any bunching of my pajamas - everything. Normally, the biggest problem I have with this is a little soft bruising wherever the "pea" lumpy was, or that my hip joint starts hurting and i have to turn over: wash  rinse repeat.

These past few weeks though, due to my toothache problem, I can only manage to lay on the affected side for so long and then I have to turn over or the pain gets too bad. But that's been livable as I haven't had much of the "pea" syndrome lately. 

Enter Sunday night.

I had arranged to have the morning off, so I could sleep in for 3 days in a row, which is heaven when you don't get vacations or anything. I get exhausted fairly easily, so 3 days in a row - almost as good as vaca! So I go to sleep on Sunday and my stupid jaw starts in right away, so I'm turning over. Then my hip starts hurting on the other side so I have to turn back. The time lag between turnovers gets shorter and shorter each time. Some how, subconsciously I ended up on my back, which is risky cuz my neck does not like to loll to one side or the other or it starts hurting.

So, yep, as you've probably guessed I have an incredibly aching neck. It hurts to turn it toward the left. Of course, when I'm looking straight ahead it doesn't hurt so I forget about it; then I look to the left and OUCH! sharp pain. So. Much. Fun. So much for the benefits of sleeping in. I didn't feel wel rested at all. Sigh...

And if this is anything like normal, I will have this pinched nerve-like pain for at least a month, cuz Fibro makes the healing slower. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

So that's my week! How's yours? ;)

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the neck!

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Yes...every time I fold laundry. If I do it properly~

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you know

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I had that car accident when I was 17 where that guy came thru the stop sign an totaled me and mine hasn't been the same since.  But, now that I'm ancient, some days are a whole lot worse than others,.

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My 5 month old niece

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spent the weekend with us. She is so much fun. But she has to wake up in the middle of the night for a bottle. And when she wakes up, the whole house wakes up with her. She went home yesterday afternoon, so last night, I got seven hours of continuous sleep.

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Ouch, I'm sorry, my friend

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I don't know if saving up for a specialized bed(sleep number or one of those cooler temperpedics or something), not that one can save up easily, would help or not. It seems drinking helps, so there is that.

I hope you find a way to feel better and cure these ailments, my friend, if at all possible in any small way.

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Just got rid of

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a lot of personal stress lately. Getting things done feels good. I've been sleeping a lot better, that's for sure. I heal faster and my body doesn't feel so creaky. Now to improve my nutrition and get more exercise. I took a hike up a mountain at night with my friends and it seemed to make my knees feel a lot better. I read that strengthening your quadriceps is necessary to fend off bad knees. Sitting at a computer desk all day has been detrimental for my back and legs, so I'm definitely looking into ways to minimize the horrible effects.

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yeah stress'll do quite a number on ya...

as far as exercising goes, i just got an elliptical machine. haven't set it up yet, but they say it's great low impact exercise.... here's to hopin'! 

and glad ya god rid of some of the stress! that's awesome news!  :D

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