To the Sycophantic Morons Barking About the Courts to Get You to Vote

Guess what? So far, just 10 of Obama's judicial nominations, and less than 4%, have worked as lawyers at public interest organizations, according to this report from Alliance for Justice (pdf). It also shows that only 10 nominees have had experience representing workers in labor disputes. 85% have been either corporate attorneys or prosecutors. Yeah....your pseudo knowledge of civics sure showed us the importance of this issue:

"OMGZ vote! The SCOTUS and the courts, stupid!"

Not so much. I tried to explain this in detail here and again here to no avail to these morons. To the Obot moron barking about the courts back in 2012 and now for the mid terms in 2014 for GOTV, I say that the injustices that all SCOTUS Justices in the Roberts court, center right and far right, carry out for their corporate benefactors are now on your hands as you tried to trot out the Judicial branch as the one issue to drive voters to the polls in 2012 and now. You did it as a way to inoculate Democrats from the record income inequality they made worse than even George W. Bush. Your hero in the White House appointed these corporate Justices and judges with your thundering sycophantic applause.

And yet, you brag that they are who Harry Reid went nuclear for so we better hold our noses and get politically active? That is nuclear bullshit; nuclear bullshit you eat up for suppertime every night when you turn on MSNBC or read Daily Kos. No one is going to go nuclear for any legislation that benefits you, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently showed he could have.

Harry BS'd about doing that in order to pass qualitative life changing legislation 3 times. And yet, like a fool, many of you bought it. Wake the fuck up! He doesn't care! Obama doesn't care! Your cries to us about him protecting Roe vs Wade with federal appointments were also a bunch of BS! You don't care as you wear and cheer their (D) brand! But it's not Cheer detergent. You can't wash it off!





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