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Sleeping giant wakening? Obama-Biden campaign looking to climate change as political issue?

For too long, the Democratic Party "machine" has been eerily silent when it comes to the scientific consensus on climate change and the risks that catastrophic climate chaos creates for America and Americans.


The Five Stages: Denial to Determination

Acceptance of and understanding of Global Warming is an overwhelming action. Truly understanding what we (all of the US and all of us) face commands decisions about how one will interact with the globe from that moment on. Now, for better or worse, there are many (often illegitimate) reasons for skepticism about Global Warming.


Learning intelligent Language from Lady Gaga, Lakoff, Lincoln, Luntz, and others ...

Amid many 2004 frustrations, I could not understand why Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry (and the 'campaign') remained locked so hard into the Vietman War and failed to create a narrative of his life-long service to the nation from the SEAL operations in Vietnam, to principaled efforts to end the war on his return from overseas, to protecting citizens in the courts as a prosecutor, to his service


Facing catastrophic climate chaos, should we urge people to the lifeboats or listen to beautiful hymnals

In response to a post earlier today analogizing 2012 US hot temperature records with the East German women Olympic swimmers on steroids, a frequent commentator and interlocutor had some thoughts about what is 'appropriate' behavior for ones who are aware of how serious the situation is when it comes to mounting catastrophic climate chaos.


CFLs / LEDs cost less!

There is a fundamental framing and analysis challenge that pervades much of the Washington (and national) discussion of moving forward toward better policy. This is true in health care, transportation, prison reform, decriminalization of marijuana (and industrial hemp), clean energy, global warming, and very many other important policy arenas.