Train Wreck

Yup. That screaming sound you hear is the Obama Administration going off the rails.

In honor of John Kerry who I once voted for, I have written a poem that summarizes his presentation. It's called Babies in Incubators.

Babies in Incubators

Of course we can't tell you how we know. We just know. Trust us.

We know. We know. We know.

We just know.

Will you guys shut up already? We have high, high confidence.

It's just common sense.

Why are you laughing? Why don't you believe me?

It matters. It really matters. It's about our credibility.

Who's this allies kimosabe?

It's not about proof. It's about our phoney baloney jobs. It's about history. Did I mention the dead babies? Here are some more pictures of dead babies. Aren't you outraged yet? These babies are so much deader than the ones we blew up.

We know we know. We believe in the United Nations. They will not name who did this. Russia will obstruct us. This is in our interests.

Believe me.

Don't you understand Tinkerbell will die?

This is totally different from Iraq and Afghanistan.

We KNOW. We know there is no military solution. Therefore we must bomb.

Evidence? I defy you to find a scrap, scintilla, or jot of evidence.




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I just can't believe it.

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I'm out of words.  I've been telling people what was going on in Syria since it started,.  I was warning people

about the propaganda back when Clay Claiborne was spreading it on Daily Kos.  I still see the same

things.  Over two years.  That's why they get away with it.

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Well, he wrote a bunch of diaries about Libya and Syria.

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If you're not familiar it probably won't mean much.  He was pretty prolific and nasty and spread the company line. 

For example this one.  Made the rec list but I HR'd it and said it was propaganda which it was.

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I said this in that diary.

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It already is a proxy war and not the civil war (11+ / 0-)

the media is now trying to paint it as.  The majority of the so called rebels are outsiders like Al Qaeda from Iraq and mujahadeen hired and armed by Saudia Arabia and Qatar, and of course orchestrated by the U.S. and some of NATO.  It's a country destabilization/regime change campaign with the ultimate sights on Iran and Russia.  It's big trouble and no one has the interests of the Syrian people in mind, just their own interests.

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So ya this thing was planned and they tried this proxy war

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tactic which hasn't worked.  They tried bullshtting their way thru the U.N. like with Libya, didn't work.  So they trotted out

the chemical weapons thing, whcih they had been nurturing from the beginning.  And now people  believe that somehow Assad crossed the red line and presto they can get their war they had planned for two fucking decades or more actually.  Go back to the Yinon Plan of 1981 and you'll see how the Zionists wanted to balkanize Syria, Egypt, Iraq,. Lebanon, etc.  That's what the document Clean Break is modeled after.   Then you have the Saudi's with their interests, fighting for their survival like they all are now.  And finally the Imperialists who are playing the same game as the colona ialists, divide and conquer, fragmentize, balkanize, tribalize and control.   Brzezinski has been out and about recently and he made it clear this was proxy war all the way.  They armed and sent in a proxy army to try to overthrow the regime, weaken the country, weaken Iran and set up the final plans for Iran.

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On a tangent - somewhat - for those who might be interested

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Kerry is lying. 

The jihadis and others we've been training for over a year in Turkey and in Jordan have completed their training. They have now been armed and are ready to participate in our regime change efforts. A pretext is need to justify escalation. The timing is just perfect, too perfect, and the evidence is very flimsy.

What John Kerry Really Did in Vietnam (the tangent)  - full story at the link

This is from Counterpunch:

On December 2, (1968) Kerry went on his first patrol up one
of the canals. It was near midnight when the crew caught sight of a
sampan. Rules of engagement required no challenge, no effort to see who
was on board the sampan. Kerry sent up a flare, signal for his crew to
start blazing away with the boat's two machine guns and M16 rifles. Kerry
described the fishermen running away like gazelles.

Kerry sustained a very minor wound to his arm, probably caused by
debris from his own boat' salvoes. The scratch earned him his first
Purple Heart, a medal awarded for those wounded in combat. Actually
there is no evidence that anyone had fired back, or that Kerry had been
in combat, as becomes obvious when we read an entry from his diary about
a subsequent excursion, written on December 11, 1968, nine days after
the incident that got Kerry his medal. "A cocky air of invincibility
accompanied us up the Long Tau shipping channel, because we hadn't been
shot at yet, and Americans at war who haven't been shot at are allowed
to be cocky."

He received two more Purple Hearts, both for relatively minor wounds.
Indeed Kerry never missed a day of duty for any of the medal-earning

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